what is the usual problem of the poodle’s house?

The Teddy dog is actually the poodle we often say. Teddy is just a model of a VIP. Many friends don’t know that Teddy is a dog breed. In fact, this is a wrong concept. The Teddy dog we introduced here. In fact, it is a poodle. Many friends who raise Teddy will choose to arrange a suitable kennel for their Teddy, but they don’t know what issues to pay attention to. Xiaobian will introduce you to some common problems in arranging Teddy Kennel.

what is the usual problem of the poodle's house?

1,Learn about the life habits of Teddy dogs

The first factor to consider is the overall planning, which is the location of the kennel at home. In addition, if there are many categories of Teddy dogs in the family, it is also necessary to consider the interaction between different Teddy dogs. Next is the degree of cooperation between the Teddy dog and the owner’s life. Basically, the quality of the owner’s own life is still the most important, and then the arrangement is set for the needs of the Teddy dog.

2,Teddy Teddy sunbathing

The balcony is the best place for the owner to relax and sneak on weekdays. It is better to place the Teddy dog on the cushions, soak up the sun and sunbathe.

3,Independent Teddy dog function configuration

I don’t want to limit the scope of the Teddy dog activities. I hope that the Teddy dog can be integrated into the living environment. The Teddy dog can be designed to enter and exit the door under the threshold, so that you can freely enter and leave the home. Make good use of the space corner or turning space, plan the rest of the Teddy dog, function in the activity area, or use it as a storage area for Teddy dogs.

4,Dog house can be tiled and drained

Most of the activities of the Teddy dogs are in the public areas of the guest restaurant where the polished quartz bricks are laid. Other wooden floor areas must have door panels to prevent dogs and cats from entering and leaving. The dog house floor can be designed with tiles and drainage holes, and the owner can easily clean the kennel.

5,Teddy area is placed in the semi-outdoor field

Teddy dogs should pay attention to important issues such as smell and hygiene in the room. They can be equipped with odor isolation system or keep the overall ventilation well. It is recommended to plan the Teddy dog area in the semi-outdoor field and make the elasticity of communication with the outdoor space in the indoor space. In the compartment, such as the sliding door, you can easily take care of the Teddy dog.

6,Pick a styling Teddy bed

Many owners like to let the Teddy dog sleep with himself. It is better to pick a Teddy dog bed, place it next to the bedroom bed or the owner’s recliner, and add some small toys before going to sleep. Shopping advice: FERPLAST wooden dog bed;

what is the usual problem of the poodle's house?

7,Prevent dog biting glass

The glass sliding door design not only can bring light into the room, but also improve the natural light source. The glass material can also prevent cat scratching and dog biting.

8,Choose durable materials

In order to avoid damage to the Teddy dog and damage the hardware, such as the floor should avoid solid wood flooring, use a higher hardness polished quartz brick or super wear-resistant floor; wall feet, facade can be treated with stainless steel, acrylic, stone and other materials to prevent Teddy dog scratch damage. Shopping Tips: Foldable Demolition Dog Bed Kennel Pet Worm Bracket Dog Bed Striped Kennel Dog Sofa.

9,Furniture matching can be replaced

Tips: Teddy dogs bite the furniture, furniture, cabinets should try to avoid the veneer material, sofas and other furniture should be easy to replace the sofa cover as the primary choice.

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