Wood furniture design and matching

Wood furniture in the entire home environment can not be as a separate individual existence, which needs to be with other furniture in the room with each other, and then present a whole home effect, then, this requires everyone to consider the problem of wood furniture matching, and with other furniture when the center of gravity should be close to the wood furniture.

Wood furniture design and matching

The wood-colored furniture is mainly shaped with a natural feeling, it is a very rustic furniture, so we try to choose some colors when combining furniture, so that more reflect the pure beauty of nature.

1, wood furniture and curtain matching tips In the wood furniture matching skills, the wood furniture with what curtains have a lot to pay attention to. The space, which is dominated by wood-colored furniture, can be paired with light-colored curtains, for example, with pale yellow, pink and light purple curtains, so that it won’t be noisy. That is, let the focus of the room focus on the curtains, and do not let the white wall appear too monotonous.

If you feel that the color of the room is more monotonous, you can be accompanied by small flower cloth curtains, so that the original wood furniture and curtains together to create an idyllic atmosphere.

2, wood furniture color matching tips There are two main colors of the wood furniture, one is the color of the wood to do the old, the classical European style into it, the other is the original color of wood, very elegant and fresh. These two colors of the wood furniture matching skills are able to use simple fabric to match, in addition to fabric, you can also choose some other material jewelry.

On the table to an elegant candlestick, put on potted plants, and finally put a beloved photo, the original world of logs can also be out of style, can also be so high-profile.

Wood furniture design and matching

3, wood furniture and flooring matching tips In the wood furniture matching technique, furniture and floor sands are best similar in color and material. The color of the wood-colored furniture is lighter, so the color of the floor need not be too bright or eye-catching, plain or near wood floor and furniture with the effect is better.

Natural wood furniture and dark flooring is also possible, the effect is still very beautiful.

4, wood furniture and door matching tips The original wood-colored furniture with what color door is a very fine thing, after all, solid wood furniture texture natural and unique, is not the general artificial items can be casually matched.

Therefore, in the choice of the color of the door, must fully consider whether to match their own solid wood furniture.