Oh my God! Is mahogany furniture so cheap? Is there quality?

Worker assembling furniture

Nanchang Evening News, the chief reporter of the whole media, Gao Xiaowei, Wen Chengben, has been in the market for two consecutive years. The first set of precious hardwood and mahogany furniture exhibitions in Jiangxi Province is extremely hot. The dozens of styles of fine mahogany furniture of hundreds of styles make the public feel hooked and enjoyable. The ultra-low price that has been folded up is a “Redwood Dream” that has won many citizens. Is the price so low and the quality guaranteed? A few days ago, the reporter visited the source factory of the mahogany furniture exhibition and visited the whole process of mahogany furniture production.

Oh my God! Is mahogany furniture so cheap? Is there quality?

The reporter saw in the factory that from the raw materials to the final finished product, the birth of a piece of mahogany furniture has gone through nearly a hundred processes. “Log materials are processed after being imported and returned from overseas. After drying, cutting, planing, opening, carving, polishing, painting, sealing wax, etc., each process has strict quality standards. Chen Xueliang, director of the mahogany factory, told reporters that the opening and opening process is the guarantee of whether the mahogany furniture is firm.

Hey, who has thousands of years of history in China, is the soul of traditional furniture and the embodiment of Chinese traditional cultural wisdom. The structure is a connection method in which two concave and convex parts are combined on the two members, the convex part is called (tap), and the concave part is called (blinking). “We have adopted a shovel, which is more solid after assembly and does not use any nails. As the external environment changes, the structure makes the furniture use longer and firmer,” said Chen.

Design, carpentry, engraving, assembly, sanding, sealing wax… The process of making a mahogany furniture is rich and noble. “Redwood furniture has high artistic value and collection value. The high-end grade can not only improve the taste of the house, but also pass on the descendants. I went to the furniture exhibition site on the weekend and saw the whole process of sawing the mahogany furniture on site. Inside and outside are the same real materials, ‘cabbage price to buy mahogany furniture’, the quality can be guaranteed, I am more assured.” Li Chunlin said.

Oh my God! Is mahogany furniture so cheap? Is there quality?

From home to office, from classical to fashion, from rosewood to red rosewood, the price of each piece of mahogany furniture is so low that it can be bought with a beautiful mahogany root carving artwork for as little as a few hundred dollars. You can buy a 6-piece set of South American rosewood Ming-style sofa for 1.9 million yuan. You only need to buy a full set of 21 pieces of African rosewood with an original price of more than 60,000 yuan.

“The top 100 people who enter the market every day can also kill chicken wings and itch at 9.9 yuan, and buy chicken wings and crutches for 19 yuan. All the furniture of the exhibition is guaranteed, on-site inspection, no reason to return within 7 days, one year free home maintenance Let the people buy and protect, and rest assured.” The relevant person in charge of this year’s mahogany furniture exhibition, Guangdong Zhishan boutique Ming Ming mahogany furniture market manager Gong Zhiqi said.

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Furniture customization trend is coming! The market is huge, in short supply!

China Building Materials Network recently, an authoritative agency released a furniture satisfaction survey results, showing that 76% of users are not satisfied with the traditional furniture model, of which nearly 80% of the reasons and customization related: home and decoration style is not in harmony with 56%; In other words, the trend of furniture customization is coming, custom furniture has become the industry’s very development potential business opportunities.

After the “recovery” and precipitation of the furniture industry in 2014, into 2015, more and more industry insiders say that custom furniture has become a popular demand, although its price and space requirements are still high, but people’s taste and personalized demand is increasing year by year. Such a statement is not unnecessary, recently, an authoritative agency released a furniture satisfaction survey results, showing that 76% of users are not satisfied with the traditional furniture model, of which nearly 80% of the reasons and customization related: home and decoration style is not in harmony with 56%; In other words, custom furniture has become a very promising business opportunity in the industry.

Furniture customization trend is coming! The market is huge, in short supply!

In the market feedback situation, custom furniture has maintained a strong growth trend this year. In the real estate market booming today, personalized decoration style is gradually sought after by people, custom furniture has also become a sign of fashion life. Most of the finished furniture on the market tends to be popular, and does not necessarily match the style of the consumer’s home furnishings, not necessarily in line with the consumer’s personality style. As a result, custom furniture is popular with more and more consumers.

“Home” for everyone’s concept is not the same, everyone has their own dream, and now with the gradual upgrading of consumer personalized needs, those usually in the sense of decoration and home stores can find furniture products, has been unable to meet the special requirements of the home environment of people, so more and more “custom” products and more and more “custom” products and “Customized” services are emerging in the home market. In the home market, “customization” has also become a “tidal word” and “tidal concept”, in the home custom market, how to create a unique home improvement environment, produce their own unique products, to realize their dream of home, is every dream of consumers at home, but also need the home industry’s joint efforts.

Furniture customization trend to come, home custom service become the norm!

Today, private customization in the home industry has become the norm, with all forms of customization in stores, home improvements and brands.
For the custom furniture market, in addition to some large-scale home stores, building materials, furniture companies, decoration companies, soft wear companies and so on have also stepped out of their own industry, the tentacles more extended to other broader areas, more integration of resources.

Many years ago, the cabinet brand European pie, the overall wardrobe brand good lecto, wardrobe brand Sofia, etc. have come with the concept of the overall design, for many families to provide space to take advantage of the overall design. And for the home improvement company, take over each order is the beginning of a new “home customization”, today’s home improvement company tends to be more integrated design, from the designer and consumer’s pre-communication, to the design of the first draft, to materials and furniture style shopping, decoration process of repeated discussions and later soft wear matching … Home improvement company professionals and even professional team equipped, the whole design to create, but also really did the interpretation of the concept of home customization.

And the purchase of furniture consumers, for the furniture size modification has been able to achieve basic adjustment, the depth of the sofa in-depth improvement, sofa back thickness increase and reduction, sofa fabric replacement, board bookcase size and proportion of arbitrary adjustment, etc. , have been the most common problem in the custom concept.

Furniture customization trend to come, custom service more in-depth!

Today, with the deepening of the concept of customization, consumers are more and more demanding of the concept of customization, more and more refined and high-end.
Home customization has even become a trend in the home industry, even a trend.

More decoration companies can not only meet the uniqueness of the overall design, but also meet the needs of consumers on more details, to provide more exclusive services.
Boloni suggests that as long as it is designed by designers, it can meet the needs of the production, including the consumer to provide exclusive patterns, exclusive colors, exclusive styling and other services.

Furniture customization trend is coming! The market is huge, in short supply!

In traditional furniture manufacturing enterprises, some businesses are also beginning to be stupid, launching some consumers can participate in the design of DIY projects. It is understood that the top 100 furniture will be launched consumers and designers to participate in the furniture design activities, creative consumers can participate in the design of furniture, to create their own private items.

Furniture customization trend to come, custom furniture requirements than standard furniture more stringent!

Yu Xiusu, Vice President and Secretary-General of Beijing Furniture Association

Today’ consumers’ personal needs for their own homes are getting higher and higher, each family’s home environment and structure is different, resulting in each family’s personal needs are different, so in today’s market and future market, “customization” will be the direction of industry development.
It is required that furniture enterprises should not only have the ability to produce standard furniture, but also have the service of custom furniture, and promote the development of the whole furniture industry gradually to custom furniture.

Compared to standard furniture, custom furniture requirements are more stringent, service requirements are higher. To meet the consumer’s needs for furniture size, color, fabric, structure, function and other requirements, this furniture enterprise’s production capacity is also a test. Now in the production of custom furniture has a certain extent up, but also can provide better custom furniture services.
The demand for custom furniture in the future will gradually develop to fine.

Furniture customization trend is coming!

Liu Chen, Vice President and Secretary-General of Beijing Home Industry Association

Now the integrated design and customization of services has been a directional trend, but the entire market customization services are still in the initial stage, customized services should be a complete commodity to the people. The industry must also adapt to changes in consumption and integrate resources as much as possible. Now the home industry and designers also need to be closer, today’s consumers not only have functional needs, but also need to have a spiritual needs.

Now consumers buy furniture, home stores so many brands may not pick out a few consumers like the product, is because the design can not keep up, some good design products, the price is very expensive. Industry associations to find high-end designer brands to the people to do a “12” idea, that is, for the integration of home improvement to do the folk design, with a lower cost to create a whole design space. This is also the industry’s expectations for the improvement of design, custom integrated decoration is ultimately to return to the use of design to improve quality.

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