Shock! Two young women stole four hundred thousand dollars of mahogany furniture?

Nowadays, many people like mahogany furniture, but some people are just moving their minds and want to “buy and buy”…

Recently, a furniture factory in Jimo District was stolen from the mahogany furniture worth more than 400,000 yuan overnight. The surveillance was a look at the two thieves who were two long-haired fluttering “young women”? And the truth is actually…

Shock! Two young women stole four hundred thousand dollars of mahogany furniture?

The scene in the picture occurred at around 9:30 pm on March 5th. I saw a woman with a shawl curling over the wall and entering the factory, bowing her waist and moving the furniture away from the wall. Within six hours of the night, the woman collaborated with another woman, traveling to and from the factory more than ten times, and moved more than 20 pieces of mahogany furniture. Three days after the incident, the staff at the furniture factory found that the situation was wrong.

But after watching the surveillance, people are inevitably suspicious. They have been committing crimes for more than six hours and have traveled more than ten times. Will the two women have such strong physical strength? After the platooning, the police finally locked in, and the suspects who committed the crime were indeed two men. In order to hide their eyes and ears, they are not only simple as a man dressed as a woman.

On July 26, the police arrested two suspects. It is understood that the suspects Zhang and Qu Mou are 53 years old this year, Lacey City. Currently, the two have been under criminal detention and the case is under further investigation.

Shock! Two young women stole four hundred thousand dollars of mahogany furniture?

After drinking some wine, I discussed stealing furniture. Moreover, it is also a man dressed as a woman, but also a chicken nest, but also thanks to the two. If you have the energy to think about these ideas, you have the physical strength to move 6 hours of furniture. You said, what is the right thing to do? I hope that the two will reflect on the reflection while being severely punished by the law.

Oh my God! Is mahogany furniture so cheap? Is there quality?

Worker assembling furniture

Nanchang Evening News, the chief reporter of the whole media, Gao Xiaowei, Wen Chengben, has been in the market for two consecutive years. The first set of precious hardwood and mahogany furniture exhibitions in Jiangxi Province is extremely hot. The dozens of styles of fine mahogany furniture of hundreds of styles make the public feel hooked and enjoyable. The ultra-low price that has been folded up is a “Redwood Dream” that has won many citizens. Is the price so low and the quality guaranteed? A few days ago, the reporter visited the source factory of the mahogany furniture exhibition and visited the whole process of mahogany furniture production.

Oh my God! Is mahogany furniture so cheap? Is there quality?

The reporter saw in the factory that from the raw materials to the final finished product, the birth of a piece of mahogany furniture has gone through nearly a hundred processes. “Log materials are processed after being imported and returned from overseas. After drying, cutting, planing, opening, carving, polishing, painting, sealing wax, etc., each process has strict quality standards. Chen Xueliang, director of the mahogany factory, told reporters that the opening and opening process is the guarantee of whether the mahogany furniture is firm.

Hey, who has thousands of years of history in China, is the soul of traditional furniture and the embodiment of Chinese traditional cultural wisdom. The structure is a connection method in which two concave and convex parts are combined on the two members, the convex part is called (tap), and the concave part is called (blinking). “We have adopted a shovel, which is more solid after assembly and does not use any nails. As the external environment changes, the structure makes the furniture use longer and firmer,” said Chen.

Design, carpentry, engraving, assembly, sanding, sealing wax… The process of making a mahogany furniture is rich and noble. “Redwood furniture has high artistic value and collection value. The high-end grade can not only improve the taste of the house, but also pass on the descendants. I went to the furniture exhibition site on the weekend and saw the whole process of sawing the mahogany furniture on site. Inside and outside are the same real materials, ‘cabbage price to buy mahogany furniture’, the quality can be guaranteed, I am more assured.” Li Chunlin said.

Oh my God! Is mahogany furniture so cheap? Is there quality?

From home to office, from classical to fashion, from rosewood to red rosewood, the price of each piece of mahogany furniture is so low that it can be bought with a beautiful mahogany root carving artwork for as little as a few hundred dollars. You can buy a 6-piece set of South American rosewood Ming-style sofa for 1.9 million yuan. You only need to buy a full set of 21 pieces of African rosewood with an original price of more than 60,000 yuan.

“The top 100 people who enter the market every day can also kill chicken wings and itch at 9.9 yuan, and buy chicken wings and crutches for 19 yuan. All the furniture of the exhibition is guaranteed, on-site inspection, no reason to return within 7 days, one year free home maintenance Let the people buy and protect, and rest assured.” The relevant person in charge of this year’s mahogany furniture exhibition, Guangdong Zhishan boutique Ming Ming mahogany furniture market manager Gong Zhiqi said.

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Is the oiliness of mahogany furniture good or bad?

Speaking of mahogany furniture materials, presumably some people who know about this can say one or two, such as yellow pears, eucalyptus, big red acid branches, etc. , where merchants promote these fine mahogany furniture, always put the old materials, oily foot as one of the selling points, then I believe that a large number of people do not understand this “oil” is what, Today, let’s talk about the oiliness of mahogany furniture.

Is the oiliness of mahogany furniture good or bad?

“Oil” once the earliest origin of the literary world, generally play type of literature play can not open the oil word, because oiliness is a symbol of these literary play material good, praise the literary play products good generally will use this sheep fat jade pendant or small leaf purple sandalwood hand string oil good.

The word oiliness in jade does not mean that it really has oil, in the case of sheep fat jade, praise good amniotic fat jade oil good, meaning that this jade jade quality is good, good leather, looks round and shiny.

And mahogany oil is also very good understanding, I do not know you have not observed, in the burning of some hard wood, you will see some grease-based things, these substances are the main components of resin, generally these wood contains similar to the oil-like things called oil, so mahogany furniture raw materials placed for a period of time, there will be grease.

These wood is roughly the old oil yelling material in the mouth of the mahogany seller. General oil-based mahogany material is more stable, and the production of mahogany furniture is also more easily produced pulp.

The advantages of oil also more or less mentioned above, on the one hand is oily foot, which is one of the good proof of mahogany furniture material;

The exterior forms a unique, silky luster. Mahogany furniture due to the larger size, on the one hand, through contact with the human body to produce rounded paste, on the other hand, through its own oiliness and air oxidation to form a unique rounded gloss in the appearance of the envelope.

Is the oiliness of mahogany furniture good or bad?

Often pay attention to the auction of the official, may also find expensive old mahogany furniture, such as yellow pear or eucalyptus furniture, will be mentioned in the description of the round, because this is also oily enough and naturally produced traces of the years, not only the appearance of the profound, but also the witness of the historical years.

Some watchers may have new questions, now the redwood furniture home before the furniture surface will generally use waxing or paint treatment to protect the surface, that means oil is just superfluous? This view is more or less biased, oiliness is internal, and surface treatment does not conflict, and the long-term use of oil and surface treatment mixed oxidation to form a unique paste, so that mahogany furniture looks more slippery and gratifying, quiet, tell people that this furniture has an age, revealing a warm charm.

Therefore, the oiliness of mahogany furniture is one of the important bases for determining whether furniture is of high quality.