What are the benefits and disadvantages of custom furniture? You have to be clear in advance!

The disadvantages of custom furniture – the details of the work are intricate. From consumer demand analysis to order placement, organization of production, distribution, on-site installation and service, all links must be interlocked, and there are many plate parts and hardware involved in the product customization process. There can be no deviation. This requires that the enterprise management system must be rigorous, the work must be meticulous, and it also tests the overall quality of the employees.

What are the benefits and disadvantages of custom furniture? You have to be clear in advance!

Advantages of furniture customization:

1, can meet the different personality needs of different consumers for furniture. In the traditional marketing model, furniture companies often follow the current market trend to carry out furniture R&D and production according to simple market research. However, the furniture produced by this model is not inconsistent with the requirements, that is, the style can not meet personal preferences. Customized marketing breaks down the market into individuals, designing furniture according to individual requirements, and consumers are one of the designers of furniture. Specific requirements can be made according to personal preferences, such as color matching, personalized specifications and so on.

What are the benefits and disadvantages of custom furniture? You have to be clear in advance!
  1. Reduce inventory backlog. In the traditional marketing mode, in order to maximize profits, furniture companies reduce product costs through mass production. Once the market encounters a slight unpredictable, such large-scale production of furniture will inevitably lead to slow sales or backlog due to similarities, resulting in waste of resources. And custom marketing is based on consumer order production, almost no inventory, and accelerated capital turnover.
  2. Reduce marketing costs. In the traditional marketing mode, in order to occupy the market, furniture companies often drive sales through advertising and sales promotion, and thus the cost is high. Customized marketing As long as the quality of the furniture is reliable and the price is reasonable, the furniture can be sold smoothly. In the custom marketing, manufacturers directly face the consumer to reduce the sales process and reduce various expenses.
  3. Helps accelerate product development. Under the traditional marketing model, many furniture companies’ designers work behind closed doors. They only develop products based on simple market research. The design of the furniture is very limited, and it is difficult to meet the needs of the public. In custom marketing, designers have many opportunities to communicate face-to-face with consumers. It is easy to know the requirements of consumers and to develop products that are close to the needs of consumers. vfurnituremall.com.

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