Hotel bedroom furniture custom – the best modern bedroom furniture in this!

Nowadays, consumers’ demand for personalized consumption has prompted the arrival of the era of product customization. “Home Customization” is a commercial revolution. It is not just a simple service upgrade, but a new way of shopping that truly realizes “My consumption is my master”.

Hotel bedroom furniture custom - the best modern bedroom furniture in this!

Therefore, the furniture customization industry is in a hot trend: custom diamond rings, custom wedding dresses, custom drinks, custom watches, custom tableware and more. According to survey data, more than 80% of consumers currently say that they will choose a customized home when they are home-made to meet the needs of personalized home improvement. Hotel bedroom furniture customthe best modern bedroom furniture in this!

At present, it is in the era of great changes and great development of China’s hotel furniture industry. Under the current economic situation, we understand the situation and control the direction of the furniture industry, and provide a detailed analysis of the impact on the furniture industry and the future development trend, no matter for the long-term development of the Chinese furniture industry. Development, or a positive guide to the breakthroughs in the specific work of Xianghe Hotel furniture manufacturers.

The new demands of modern customers With the improvement of people’s living standards, the people have different needs for the style of staying in the hotel. Chinese style, simple style, post-modern style… Yagu furniture is the pioneer of the unconventional, in order to Always meet the needs of customers, and cultivate a group of outstanding design teams to meet the different tastes of the public.

Qiansuo Furniture Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to people-oriented, strengthens responsibility, and refines management, pays close attention to implementation and improves various work management levels, further improves the enterprise system, and standardizes posts, so that company management and employee behavior have rules to follow and advocate in a common enterprise. Improve the incentive and restraint mechanism under the culture, improve the work efficiency through the innovation of the mechanism, and lay a good foundation for the harmonious development of the enterprise.

The floor where the hotel furniture is placed must be kept flat, so that the hotel furniture is balanced on all four legs.

Do you know some common sense when buying custom hotel furniture? At the same time of purchase, we must pay attention to the four major coordination. Follow along to see the hotel bedroom furniture custom – the best modern bedroom furniture in this!

One: coordination of room size

If you have a wide space, it is easy to choose a slightly larger size of furniture, and if space is limited, you should not choose large size furniture, otherwise it may make the space seem congested, so the proper proportional relationship is also very important. In addition, the quality of the hotel’s custom furniture, the function is reasonable or not, but also to be careful, especially when buying leather furniture.

Two: coordination with the indoor background

If your living room has been renovated, you should consider the custom color of the hotel furniture to coordinate with the background of the room when buying furniture, and the color and lighting of the indoor background as the main matching direction. If the color of the custom furniture is too strong, it is easy to produce a tired visual effect, so in general, it is more appropriate to choose the color of the harmony.

Three: coordination with interior decoration

Customized hotel furniture’s shape, color, function, texture, hardware and other mutual factors can be coordinated with interior design or home decoration, lighting, etc. to form a coherent echo, complementing the overall indoor space effect.

Hotel bedroom furniture custom - the best modern bedroom furniture in this!

Four: coordination with ground materials

If the living room is a wooden floor, it is easier to choose furniture. If it is a tile, terrazzo, or marble floor, it is not advisable to choose steel-wood furniture, which will increase the indoor cold atmosphere. You can use wood furniture to reconcile and add carpet to the interior to ease the cold and hard feeling.

Avoid direct sunlight. If the fine wooden hotel furniture has been exposed to the sun, it is easy to partially fade, the wood is too dry, and the cracked rattan is easy to fade and dry.

Custom-made hotel furniture refers to hotel furniture that is professionally designed and personalized according to the specific requirements of the hotel owner, the hotel space and the style of decoration.

Different from general finished hotel furniture, custom hotel furniture, due to its business characteristics, each order needs to be designed separately, which is conducive to the innovation of hotel furniture style. Hotel bedroom furniture custom – the best modern bedroom furniture in this!

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