Customized all-aluminum furniture top ten brands

With the growth of the post-80s and post-90s, the main consumer groups in the furniture market have gradually transitioned to this generation of young consumers as the main target group. The consumer demand of this group also pays more attention to the personalized experience. Therefore, for the customization of bedroom furniture, it is very important to understand what the consumer group needs. The customization of bedroom furniture also needs to actively adjust the development strategy following the changes of the times.

Customized all-aluminum furniture top ten brands to play a good service card, pay attention to service system construction

Customized all-aluminum furniture top ten brands

In the bedroom furniture custom industry, the concept of “product is king” and “channel is king” is no stranger, making home decoration more grade. Many companies have followed these two major marketing concepts.

Nowadays, with the increasing number of products, there are countless custom-made bedroom furniture products on the market. Although the product is still the focus of enterprise development, it can make the brand stand out from the crowd, which is an epoch-making change in the field of furniture manufacturing.

It is no longer just the product itself, but also a high-quality, caring service. Compared with the high-input operation methods such as storefront upgrade, large inventory accumulation, equipment renewal, expansion of factory buildings, and addition of flagship stores, there are three stores. Economic investment that is simply strengthened in terms of service quality is much lower. In such a market situation, the risk of improving service quality is much smaller.

According to the survey conducted by the Indoor Environmental Monitoring Center, the number of indoor air pollution in China is 430,000 per year; the number of people caused by indoor pollution is 10,000 per year, an average of 34 per day; the total number of newly born congenital children is up to 10,000 per year. 10,000, of which 42.% is related to indoor air pollution.

To lay a good service card, that is, from the aspects of service quality, service system construction, service details and optimization, we will use it in many doors and windows. And use aluminum alloy to make furniture. Give customers a better service experience.

Under the new situation, customers may have doubts and worries about the strength, service and reputation of the company. Enterprises to increase service, is to let customers rest assured, we sincerely look forward to working with you! It also convinces customers to generate trust in the company.

All-aluminum furniture produced by all-aluminum cabinets is a custom type of bedroom furniture that we are currently using. It is generally used in kitchens and bathrooms. If you use this kind of furniture in a bathroom, what kind of use? What are the advantages?

Customizing the top ten brands of all-aluminum furniture to strengthen the environmental protection concept is the key to development

Nowadays, people are paying more attention to its green environmental protection while pursuing the simple and fashionable home decoration. Many bedroom furniture customized all-aluminum furniture top ten brands into “green home decoration”. They have made great efforts in selecting environmentally friendly materials, design plans, construction procedures and indoor air quality testing, and brought more green home life to the owners. The public recognizes the importance of environmental protection.

Bedroom furniture custom industry as a resource-consumption industry, the water will seep into the gap of the film and accumulate. In the face of more and more severe market environment, we must not only take the differentiated and professional development path according to our own characteristics, but also enhance the core competitiveness and brand influence of the enterprise. We should plow in the professional field, do the specialization, and conform to the green. Development strategy for the company’s file upgrade.

Providing a safe, comfortable and healthy living and working environment for the society at a small resource cost has become an important issue in the development of the bedroom furniture customization industry. Therefore, strengthening the concept of environmental protection is the key to the transformation and upgrading of the industry and sustainable development.

Customized all-aluminum furniture top ten brands

Custom furniture for bedroom furniture is increasingly favored

In terms of the current consumer market, fashionable and fashionable products are favored by young consumers, and the same is true in the bedroom furniture customization market. According to industry insiders, nowadays, after 80s and 90s, they will gradually become the main force of the market. Whoever wins their welcome in the next few years will win the market. Therefore, for furniture companies, it is imperative to aim at the custom-made cabinets.

Taking the European School as an example, its overall furniture has a fashionable, classic and distinguished diversified style. The raw materials are made of environmentally-friendly plates, and the fashionable and elegant design concept gives more humanized design, full of home warmth and love, creating a difference. The new mood of the past home life. Customized furniture can fully demonstrate the consumer’s pursuit of individuality, fashion and comfort because of the practicability and space utilization. Therefore, the road of customization will become a major development trend of the cabinet industry.

The price of solid wood board is higher, the texture is better, but the waterproof and flameproof performance is poor, and the all-aluminum household has strong heat resistance, the surface can withstand high temperature, solve the problems of cracking and deformation of wooden furniture, adapt to various environments, Whether it is cabinets, TV cabinets or wardrobes, it is not easy to be deformed. It is durable and does not absorb moisture. It has a small coefficient of temperature expansion, is fireproof and waterproof, and has the advantage of long-term blisters.

Professionals say that the custom model is a multi-win business model, and all-aluminum furniture is not like traditional decorative materials. For consumers, it has the advantages of individual design, high space utilization, and strong appeal; for enterprises, it reduces the inventory of enterprises and improves the profitability and risk resistance of enterprises. At the same time, the customized mode is conducive to the realization of on-demand production in the whole industry, effectively avoiding the problem of overcapacity in the industry, reducing wood waste, 5MM thickness is conducive to environmental protection, and has good social benefits.

Global wood consumption ranks second, and various policies are also adopted to limit deforestation and encourage the use of non-wood products. The main reason why furniture products are made in wood processing is that there are no new materials and new techniques that can be compared with wooden furniture in the past, and the current wooden homes often use various types in the production process. Adhesives, paints and other auxiliary materials are the main sources of formaldehyde in the room, and it is also very harmful to health.

Customized all-aluminum furniture top ten brands, furniture companies want to be based on the long-term, but also need to do a good job, improve service quality, adhere to the green environmental protection road, put environmental protection into practice, and also need to be personalized according to the requirements of young consumer groups. Product customization, the only way to gain a place in the fierce market competition.