Development and mileage of custom furniture

In recent years, with the younger consumer groups, personality customization is more and more well known, the custom home industry is developing rapidly.

And now the whole house custom home from the earlier custom wardrobe industry, so the whole house custom home development a brief history will be around the development of the custom wardrobe industry.

Development and mileage of custom furniture

2001: Sofia, Baisheng and other furniture brands, one after another set up, custom wardrobe industry from this germination.

2002: Good Lai, Yadi, etc., one after another from the clothes rack, hardware and other industries into the custom wardrobe industry, and opened a national custom wardrobe brand development.

2003: Shenzhen, Beijing, Yunnan, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places appear edgy wardrobe brands, these brands in more than a decade has become the local home building materials industry, one of the most representative brands.

2004: A number of mainstream brands in the country in that year registered to establish, the birth of a number of Guangdong brands laid the Guangdong custom wardrobe industry in the country’s leading position.

2006: Ibely, Shangpin house matching and other brands exhibiting Guangzhou Jianbo, for the custom wardrobe category exhibition marketing opened.

2008: Wanhua Xiang xiang board came out, the board was introduced in the later greatly changed the custom wardrobe industry pattern.

2009: Custom wardrobe industry by the pan-building materials industry gradually recognized, so that the custom wardrobe industry on the road to rapid development.

2010: Opened the custom wardrobe industry “conference marketing” a new model, mainstream brands began to the main product sheet environmental protection level from E1 to E0 level.

Development and mileage of custom furniture

2011: The first China wardrobe opening for the custom wardrobe industry, the cabinet industry, such as the European pie into the custom wardrobe industry, began the custom wardrobe industry cross-border curtain.

2014: Sofia’s wardrobe in the Tmall double 11 on the same day the transaction value reached 180 million yuan, opening the custom wardrobe industry’s e-commerce road.

2016: Chengdu Furniture Show for the first time launched a custom home pavilion, most brands from custom wardrobes, furniture and other categories of nouns changed to “full house customization”, to open a “full house custom home” a new chapter. 2018: Custom home has become the biggest outlet in the home building materials industry, attracting the attention of many cross-border tycoons.

Haier, Gujia home, 3D wooden doors, etc. are also officially cross-border full house customization. 2019: The high cost of manpower, marketing, design, interaction and other composite talent shortage, most home building materials enterprises are facing the pressure to upgrade technology.

The emergence of new technologies such as Vr Panorama, front-end integrated software, and smart home has also brought the excitement of innovation and upgrading to the industry.