Who is better with solid wood furniture and panel furniture?

Many people are the bedroom furniture custom, and the number of people who customize the furniture has increased. Whether you are buying furniture for renovation or want to replace furniture, you must have heard of such an argument: Who is better with solid wood furniture and panel furniture?

If you don’t know much about furniture, you will probably be guilty of this:

Who is better with solid wood furniture and panel furniture?

Solid wood furniture is natural, it is said that the pollution is small, but the price is more expensive;
The panel furniture is more durable, and it seems that the price can be bought. Some people say that the taste is big and the body is not good.

  Who is better with solid wood furniture and panel furniture? In the end, which kind of statement is more correct, people’s health awareness is getting higher and higher. After consulting several furniture experts, the author gives you analysis and analysis on the health point of view, which kind of furniture is better:

There are three main sources of odor in wooden furniture, namely substrates, adhesives and coatings.

The so-called substrate refers to the material of furniture, which can be generally divided into two categories: plate and solid wood.

Pure solid wood materials are environmentally safe and the price is very high.

In contrast, artificial panels are economical, but because of the large amount of adhesive bonding required for the production. Therefore, the furniture made of artificial boards will emit a pungent odor, and this taste is harmful to human health.

Adhesives and coatings are also the culprit that causes furniture to produce odors.

Regarding the adhesive, in addition to the use of artificial panels, pure solid wood furniture will also be fixed with adhesive when splicing. Therefore, even if the solid wood material is natural and harmless, it may also pollute the indoor environment.

The taste of new furniture is very harmful to human health. Formaldehyde can enter the human body through breathing, causing symptoms such as cough and headache, and may induce malignant diseases. Therefore, after buying new furniture, you must carefully control the smell.

The first thing to do is ventilation.

Ventilation is not necessary to open all the windows. It is important to open the sliding door of the furniture, the cabinet door of the wardrobe, the drawer of the table, the dust cover of the sofa, and the door of each room, so as to ensure the indoor pollution source. All the released formaldehyde can be released into the indoor air and taken to the outside by the wind. This is an important factor in the effective removal of formaldehyde by ventilation.

It is developed by the Environmental Protection Research Institute and is filled with imported photocatalyst liquids from Japan. It is an advanced formula that allows you to enjoy a more advanced management experience without leaving your home.

The advantages of enjoying its imported photocatalyst are mainly reflected in:

The particle diameter of the photocatalyst will affect its attachment time and stability. The smaller the diameter of the photocatalyst particles, the more stable the performance and the better the formaldehyde treatment capacity.

Ordinary domestic photocatalyst particles are between 5 and 10 nanometers in diameter, and the diameter of imported photocatalyst particles is between 2-3 nanometers. Domestically produced products are far from meeting this requirement.

Who is better with solid wood furniture and panel furniture?

After spraying the photocatalyst, it will form a layer of nano-film on the surface of the sprayed object. Under sunlight, it will decompose indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC, and spray it once a decade for effective purification.

Enjoy the imported photocatalyst using imported liquid, the texture is mild, will not corrode the furniture, and will not harm the substrate. After being tested and certified by Swiss SGS, it is not corrosive and is more reliable to use.

At present, enjoy the import of photocatalyst only authorized to e-commerce platform: Taobao and Tmall for sale, you can look for the “enjoy it” flagship store to avoid being deceived. Now you know who is better with solid wood furniture and panel furniture? Share it with your friends to see the choice of custom furniture materials for bedroom furniture.Follow our website and continue to push you up with modern and modern fashion furniture. vfurnituremall.com.

What are the benefits and disadvantages of custom furniture? You have to be clear in advance!

The disadvantages of custom furniture – the details of the work are intricate. From consumer demand analysis to order placement, organization of production, distribution, on-site installation and service, all links must be interlocked, and there are many plate parts and hardware involved in the product customization process. There can be no deviation. This requires that the enterprise management system must be rigorous, the work must be meticulous, and it also tests the overall quality of the employees.

What are the benefits and disadvantages of custom furniture? You have to be clear in advance!

Advantages of furniture customization:

1, can meet the different personality needs of different consumers for furniture. In the traditional marketing model, furniture companies often follow the current market trend to carry out furniture R&D and production according to simple market research. However, the furniture produced by this model is not inconsistent with the requirements, that is, the style can not meet personal preferences. Customized marketing breaks down the market into individuals, designing furniture according to individual requirements, and consumers are one of the designers of furniture. Specific requirements can be made according to personal preferences, such as color matching, personalized specifications and so on.

What are the benefits and disadvantages of custom furniture? You have to be clear in advance!
  1. Reduce inventory backlog. In the traditional marketing mode, in order to maximize profits, furniture companies reduce product costs through mass production. Once the market encounters a slight unpredictable, such large-scale production of furniture will inevitably lead to slow sales or backlog due to similarities, resulting in waste of resources. And custom marketing is based on consumer order production, almost no inventory, and accelerated capital turnover.
  2. Reduce marketing costs. In the traditional marketing mode, in order to occupy the market, furniture companies often drive sales through advertising and sales promotion, and thus the cost is high. Customized marketing As long as the quality of the furniture is reliable and the price is reasonable, the furniture can be sold smoothly. In the custom marketing, manufacturers directly face the consumer to reduce the sales process and reduce various expenses.
  3. Helps accelerate product development. Under the traditional marketing model, many furniture companies’ designers work behind closed doors. They only develop products based on simple market research. The design of the furniture is very limited, and it is difficult to meet the needs of the public. In custom marketing, designers have many opportunities to communicate face-to-face with consumers. It is easy to know the requirements of consumers and to develop products that are close to the needs of consumers. vfurnituremall.com.

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What is custom furniture? Three tips for you!

Recently, my family is making custom decoration of bedroom furniture and is considering making furniture. I heard people say that it is very fashionable to make custom furniture, but I don’t know too much about custom furniture. I don’t know what is the difference with woodworking producers? Who can elaborate, thank you!

What is custom furniture? Three tips for you!

Custom furniture introduction:

What is custom furniture? Simply put, furniture companies regard each consumer as a separate market segment on the basis of mass production. Consumers design the furniture they want according to their own requirements. Personalized furniture required to be manufactured. The true “customization” is not only the production of furniture style, but also the customization of design, layout, production process, logistics and so on. Such customized services have long been popular in Europe, America and Japan.

Mass customization is a new production model that has been popular in domestic and foreign manufacturing for more than a decade. It responds quickly to the needs of individual customers with low-cost, agile operations. Take into account the advantages of custom production and mass production. Many companies have gained huge competitive advantages through the implementation of mass customization, such as Haier Group, Dell (Dell) and so on. When customers can buy some of the products they really want at the right price, they will want to customize the other products they want to buy. As a kind of durable consumer goods, furniture is not only material but also spiritual. People are very individual when purchasing furniture.

In recent years, real estate has flourished, and various types of houses and decoration styles have also been unintentional. Most of the furniture is relatively popular in design, and it is difficult to meet individual requirements. A lot of furniture is beautiful in the exhibition hall. Once it is moved to a specific home, it is eclipsed. It is not the size and the space of the house. The style does not conform to the overall decoration style. At this time, there are consumer requirements tailored, at the same time MACIO|Ma Customized furniture and a large number of custom furniture companies have emerged to provide personalized furniture customization services for Chinese consumers, including overall wardrobes, bookcases, walk-in closets, wall-mounted wardrobes, and overall furniture. All belong to the category of custom furniture.

Furniture customization can not only meet the individual needs of consumers, but also create a brand-new marketing method for the current furniture market, thus achieving rapid sales growth. Some domestic apparel, home appliances, and retail companies have begun to try custom marketing. For example, in August 2000, Haier launched a “customized refrigerator” for only one month, and received orders of more than 1 million units from the Internet, equivalent to one-third of the annual production and sales of Haier refrigerators in 1999. When Dell introduced customized marketing in the Chinese market, almost no one believed that he would succeed, and now computers are selling well in the Chinese market. There is reason to believe that custom furniture marketing can adapt to the Chinese market, because furniture does not need to be popular, nor is it a non-differential product. As long as there are different people, there are different needs.

What is custom furniture? Three tips for you!

Customized furniture is to the professional furniture manufacturers to order processing according to their own requirements, its quality assurance, there are late guarantees, due to the batch material quality and professional mechanization of the manufacturers, the cost advantage, is the first choice for peace of mind and peace of mind. 90% of the furniture produced on the woodworking site is in the form of counterfeit and inferior products, and its craft is not guaranteed in the later stage;

Woodworking furniture is just the hard work of the carpenter, and the custom furniture is designed according to your personal hobbies and styles!

Customized furniture means that you can customize the furniture according to your personal preferences, space details, and each custom product can be unique. On the basis of mass production, furniture companies regard each consumer as a separate market segment. Consumers design the furniture they want according to their own requirements. Enterprises must manufacture according to the design requirements of consumers. Personal exclusive furniture.

The true “customization” is not only the production of furniture style, but also the customization of design, layout, production process, logistics and so on. Such customized services have long been popular in Europe, America and Japan.

There are the custom modern furniture of three ways:

First, according to the requirements of customers or home improvement designers, design furniture styles in accordance with the decoration style, this design is completely personalized, and can even refine every data and detail of the home space to achieve the effect of silk threading;

Second, the combination of existing elements, that is, find the feeling in the furniture store, re-integrate the favorite materials, fabrics, styles and styles into new works by professional designers;

Third, the original copy, in accordance with the magazine or the furniture picture on the network, the production of real style.

Different from the modern production line, the furniture customization is closer to the traditional craftsmanship of the old craftsmen. Therefore, its ordering period is relatively long, usually about 3 months; and it can not be mass-produced, it must be patiently “queued” and wait for the manual master to build one by one. Therefore, the modern style of straight line furniture is not necessary to join in this lively, only those European and American classical styles that emphasize wood and exquisite carvings are necessary to settle down.

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2018-2019 top ten children’s furniture brand

On June 28, 2019, the 2019 China Home Furnishing Brands Conference was held at the Crowne Plaza Beijing New Yunnan. Under the witness of more than 200 industry grand coffee and more than 600 corporate representatives, the company announced the “2018-2019 China Home Ten”. Big brand”, I love my family and Mousse children, Songbao Kingdom, Ximengbao, colorful life, more love, stars, cool, sunny, Barbino, Kang Pu Le, together on the list “2018-2019 top ten children’s furniture Brand”.

2018-2019 top ten children's furniture brand

2019 The 3rd China Home Furnishing Brand Conference was hosted by Beijing Business Daily and West Street Media. Tencent Home Chief Media Cooperation, Sina Home, Netease Home, Phoenix Home, Xinhua Home, and Beijing News jointly supported the media, facing the whole country and looking to the world. The five dimensions openly, fairly and fairly select the top ten brands in each household segment: one is the understanding and evaluation of the seven major media editors such as Beijing Business Daily and Tencent Home; the other is the professional associations of various sub-divisions in the home. Long, Secretary-General’s certification and recommendation; Third, the recommendation and self-recommendation of leading companies in various sub-sectors in the home furnishing industry; Fourth, store and sales big data statistics of mainstream channels such as Real Home, Red Star Macalline, Tmall, and Jingdong; The fifth is the quality inspection report issued by the quality inspection agencies at all levels and the consumer’s complaints about product quality issues. Through the strict selection and comprehensive evaluation of these five dimensions, the “2018-2019 Top Ten Brands in China” is a symbol of brand, quality and taste, representing the future development of the home furnishing industry and becoming the first choice for consumers.

2018-2019 top ten children's furniture brand

The “Top Ten Children’s Furniture Brands” are ten excellent brands that focus on the design, production and sales of children’s furniture, and have a good reputation in the industry and have potential for sustainable development. I love my family on the list of “2018-2019 Top Ten Children’s Furniture Brands”. In the 2018-2019 year, I will follow the trend of custom home development and integrate children’s custom-made software accessories, accessories, lighting, paint, wallpaper and other full-space products. Create a one-stop professional child customization. Among them, the most popular among the market is the princess style, which creates a warm and romantic fairy tale world with sweet colors. The door panel adopts the most environmentally friendly plastic absorbing technology, plus inkjet technology to prevent color loss, strong stereoscopic effect and enhanced functionality. It has ample storage space.

In order to design and produce custom furniture that better understands young children and children, I love my family’s authoritative psychology and color research experts to set up the Children’s Safety Home Research Institute to conduct professional research on home color, light, space planning, etc. The big standard provides professional theoretical guidance for product research and development. I love the safe, professional and high-end children’s home brand image of my family.

The Bedroom Furniture Custom has become one of the most frequently used methods of buying furniture, which gives us the best bedroom furniture in our hearts.

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Furniture customization trend is coming! The market is huge, in short supply!

China Building Materials Network recently, an authoritative agency released a furniture satisfaction survey results, showing that 76% of users are not satisfied with the traditional furniture model, of which nearly 80% of the reasons and customization related: home and decoration style is not in harmony with 56%; In other words, the trend of furniture customization is coming, custom furniture has become the industry’s very development potential business opportunities.

After the “recovery” and precipitation of the furniture industry in 2014, into 2015, more and more industry insiders say that custom furniture has become a popular demand, although its price and space requirements are still high, but people’s taste and personalized demand is increasing year by year. Such a statement is not unnecessary, recently, an authoritative agency released a furniture satisfaction survey results, showing that 76% of users are not satisfied with the traditional furniture model, of which nearly 80% of the reasons and customization related: home and decoration style is not in harmony with 56%; In other words, custom furniture has become a very promising business opportunity in the industry.

Furniture customization trend is coming! The market is huge, in short supply!

In the market feedback situation, custom furniture has maintained a strong growth trend this year. In the real estate market booming today, personalized decoration style is gradually sought after by people, custom furniture has also become a sign of fashion life. Most of the finished furniture on the market tends to be popular, and does not necessarily match the style of the consumer’s home furnishings, not necessarily in line with the consumer’s personality style. As a result, custom furniture is popular with more and more consumers.

“Home” for everyone’s concept is not the same, everyone has their own dream, and now with the gradual upgrading of consumer personalized needs, those usually in the sense of decoration and home stores can find furniture products, has been unable to meet the special requirements of the home environment of people, so more and more “custom” products and more and more “custom” products and “Customized” services are emerging in the home market. In the home market, “customization” has also become a “tidal word” and “tidal concept”, in the home custom market, how to create a unique home improvement environment, produce their own unique products, to realize their dream of home, is every dream of consumers at home, but also need the home industry’s joint efforts.

Furniture customization trend to come, home custom service become the norm!

Today, private customization in the home industry has become the norm, with all forms of customization in stores, home improvements and brands.
For the custom furniture market, in addition to some large-scale home stores, building materials, furniture companies, decoration companies, soft wear companies and so on have also stepped out of their own industry, the tentacles more extended to other broader areas, more integration of resources.

Many years ago, the cabinet brand European pie, the overall wardrobe brand good lecto, wardrobe brand Sofia, etc. have come with the concept of the overall design, for many families to provide space to take advantage of the overall design. And for the home improvement company, take over each order is the beginning of a new “home customization”, today’s home improvement company tends to be more integrated design, from the designer and consumer’s pre-communication, to the design of the first draft, to materials and furniture style shopping, decoration process of repeated discussions and later soft wear matching … Home improvement company professionals and even professional team equipped, the whole design to create, but also really did the interpretation of the concept of home customization.

And the purchase of furniture consumers, for the furniture size modification has been able to achieve basic adjustment, the depth of the sofa in-depth improvement, sofa back thickness increase and reduction, sofa fabric replacement, board bookcase size and proportion of arbitrary adjustment, etc. , have been the most common problem in the custom concept.

Furniture customization trend to come, custom service more in-depth!

Today, with the deepening of the concept of customization, consumers are more and more demanding of the concept of customization, more and more refined and high-end.
Home customization has even become a trend in the home industry, even a trend.

More decoration companies can not only meet the uniqueness of the overall design, but also meet the needs of consumers on more details, to provide more exclusive services.
Boloni suggests that as long as it is designed by designers, it can meet the needs of the production, including the consumer to provide exclusive patterns, exclusive colors, exclusive styling and other services.

Furniture customization trend is coming! The market is huge, in short supply!

In traditional furniture manufacturing enterprises, some businesses are also beginning to be stupid, launching some consumers can participate in the design of DIY projects. It is understood that the top 100 furniture will be launched consumers and designers to participate in the furniture design activities, creative consumers can participate in the design of furniture, to create their own private items.

Furniture customization trend to come, custom furniture requirements than standard furniture more stringent!

Yu Xiusu, Vice President and Secretary-General of Beijing Furniture Association

Today’ consumers’ personal needs for their own homes are getting higher and higher, each family’s home environment and structure is different, resulting in each family’s personal needs are different, so in today’s market and future market, “customization” will be the direction of industry development.
It is required that furniture enterprises should not only have the ability to produce standard furniture, but also have the service of custom furniture, and promote the development of the whole furniture industry gradually to custom furniture.

Compared to standard furniture, custom furniture requirements are more stringent, service requirements are higher. To meet the consumer’s needs for furniture size, color, fabric, structure, function and other requirements, this furniture enterprise’s production capacity is also a test. Now in the production of custom furniture has a certain extent up, but also can provide better custom furniture services.
The demand for custom furniture in the future will gradually develop to fine.

Furniture customization trend is coming!

Liu Chen, Vice President and Secretary-General of Beijing Home Industry Association

Now the integrated design and customization of services has been a directional trend, but the entire market customization services are still in the initial stage, customized services should be a complete commodity to the people. The industry must also adapt to changes in consumption and integrate resources as much as possible. Now the home industry and designers also need to be closer, today’s consumers not only have functional needs, but also need to have a spiritual needs.

Now consumers buy furniture, home stores so many brands may not pick out a few consumers like the product, is because the design can not keep up, some good design products, the price is very expensive. Industry associations to find high-end designer brands to the people to do a “12” idea, that is, for the integration of home improvement to do the folk design, with a lower cost to create a whole design space. This is also the industry’s expectations for the improvement of design, custom integrated decoration is ultimately to return to the use of design to improve quality.

We here show you how the custom modern furniture, the best bedroom furniture customization methods and information, master the latest front-line news, the bedroom furniture Custom tips can refer to our information, so you get the best answer.

Common considerations for custom furniture

1, according to the room area to choose custom products When choosing custom furniture, the type and size of the product should be determined based on the number and circumstances of the family members.

Common considerations for custom furniture

If the house area is limited, but the population is slightly more, custom furniture should be mainly to save space, choose wardrobes, cabinets and other products in the shape should be as simple as possible, the inch should also be relatively small.

2, custom products should be unified with the decoration style

Custom furniture style should be determined before decoration, decoration and then set furniture, often lead to custom furniture and the overall decoration style does not match.

3, avoid unnecessary waste

If the budget is limited, do not simply pursue personality and do some unnecessary custom furniture, so as not to cause unnecessary waste.

4, environmental protection issues can not be ignored When customizing furniture, environmental requirements (e.g. formaldehyde content, etc.) and liability for breach of contract should be specified in the contract.

Inspection, open the furniture door to smell, if the smell is tearful, it is likely that formaldehyde exceeds the standard.

  At present, custom furniture has not standardized standards, in the materials, environmental protection, prices and so on or to manufacturers and consumers of self-agreement-based.

Because of information asymmetry, once consumers do not pay attention, they may fall into the misunderstanding of custom furniture, so that more out of pocket.

Trap one: custom furniture pricing mode hides the cat It is understood that the custom furniture pricing model is generally: the actual use of materials x unit price and main accessories cost , the total price.

The author learned that sales staff in the quotation, often only tell consumers per square meter of the price of materials, and when making wardrobes, the installation of shelves of metal fasteners, tracks, leaves, etc. are charged separately.

Common considerations for custom furniture

Trap 2: Custom furniture material usage algorithm is different The main cost of custom furniture is the price of the main material.

General custom products, especially the use of custom furniture materials should be counted as the expansion area, not the overall area.

Trap 3: Product quality is difficult to judge Professionals say that, at present, the market lack of custom furniture corresponding standards and management norms, such as hand-painted furniture, old furniture, etc. are very personalized custom products, consumers in the choice to buy, must ask sales staff to list a detailed list of dimensions of furniture, internal structure, materials, hardware, and quality, color difference, After-sales and other issues and businesses clearly agreed, and written into the contract, so that can effectively restrict the business speculation and irresponsible behavior.Everyone wants to customize the best bedroom furniture, don’t you?

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