Common considerations for custom furniture

1, according to the room area to choose custom products When choosing custom furniture, the type and size of the product should be determined based on the number and circumstances of the family members.

Common considerations for custom furniture

If the house area is limited, but the population is slightly more, custom furniture should be mainly to save space, choose wardrobes, cabinets and other products in the shape should be as simple as possible, the inch should also be relatively small.

2, custom products should be unified with the decoration style

Custom furniture style should be determined before decoration, decoration and then set furniture, often lead to custom furniture and the overall decoration style does not match.

3, avoid unnecessary waste

If the budget is limited, do not simply pursue personality and do some unnecessary custom furniture, so as not to cause unnecessary waste.

4, environmental protection issues can not be ignored When customizing furniture, environmental requirements (e.g. formaldehyde content, etc.) and liability for breach of contract should be specified in the contract.

Inspection, open the furniture door to smell, if the smell is tearful, it is likely that formaldehyde exceeds the standard.

  At present, custom furniture has not standardized standards, in the materials, environmental protection, prices and so on or to manufacturers and consumers of self-agreement-based.

Because of information asymmetry, once consumers do not pay attention, they may fall into the misunderstanding of custom furniture, so that more out of pocket.

Trap one: custom furniture pricing mode hides the cat It is understood that the custom furniture pricing model is generally: the actual use of materials x unit price and main accessories cost , the total price.

The author learned that sales staff in the quotation, often only tell consumers per square meter of the price of materials, and when making wardrobes, the installation of shelves of metal fasteners, tracks, leaves, etc. are charged separately.

Common considerations for custom furniture

Trap 2: Custom furniture material usage algorithm is different The main cost of custom furniture is the price of the main material.

General custom products, especially the use of custom furniture materials should be counted as the expansion area, not the overall area.

Trap 3: Product quality is difficult to judge Professionals say that, at present, the market lack of custom furniture corresponding standards and management norms, such as hand-painted furniture, old furniture, etc. are very personalized custom products, consumers in the choice to buy, must ask sales staff to list a detailed list of dimensions of furniture, internal structure, materials, hardware, and quality, color difference, After-sales and other issues and businesses clearly agreed, and written into the contract, so that can effectively restrict the business speculation and irresponsible behavior.Everyone wants to customize the best bedroom furniture, don’t you?

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