9 square meters bedroom modern fashion furniture decoration

For the type of housing, some spaces are limited, especially for some small units, the bedroom can not have much space, 9-10 square meters of bedroom is also very common, how to carry out 9 square meters bedroom modern fashion furniture decoration? This article introduces you to the best bedroom furniture.

So for the modern flat furniture decoration of 9 square meters, there are many problems that need attention, such as how to use the space, how to place the furniture, etc., 9 square meters of bedroom decoration also need to pay attention to the reasonable use of space.

Let me introduce you to the next 9 square meters bedroom modern fashion furniture decoration need to pay attention to what!

1, to create the best bedroom furniture to make full use of the three-dimensional space

The decoration of the small bedroom has several characteristics. One is that the bed is relatively small, and the comparison is simple. In addition, the three-dimensional space is more appropriate to use, and the cabinet is placed around the bed, so that there is sufficient storage space in the bedroom. There is also the color of the entire bedroom. In the choice of color, the choice is very fresh, and there is no sense of oppression because of the small area.

9 square meters bedroom modern fashion furniture decoration

2, tatami is a good choice

The small bedroom is tatami-style. It can be said that it is a typical small-bedroom decoration scheme in recent years. It is a whole of the locker and tatami. The room does not need to buy a bed, but uses a simple tatami. This saves space in the entire bedroom. There is also a locker that is built against the wall, which not only saves space, but also looks simpler and more generous.

3, to create the best bedroom furniture to pay attention to the simple principle

9 square meters bedroom modern fashion furniture decoration, pay attention to the simple principle, the overall design is very simple, the room does not need a ceiling, so it looks higher, giving a sense of openness, then the wall is selected white latex paint The room is brighter.

In terms of furniture decoration and selection, a bed and a bedside table can basically meet the needs of a bedroom. Together with the white bed and the white bedside table, the overall look is very clean and tidy.

The matching of the sofa should be chosen according to the layout of the home!

For modern urban families, many homes are small-sized, and in order to broaden the sense of our home, we must learn to make rational use of the house. The living room is a space that embodies the style of the home and the taste of the owner and gives a sense of vision. The choice and arrangement of the sofa is the core element that determines the effect of the living room. How to match the sofa, should be combined with the overall home style, from the style, material, color comprehensive consideration.

The matching of the sofa should be chosen according to the layout of the home!

Sofa matching skills
With TIPS: Chinese solid wood sofa and fabric sofa mix and match, creating a new surprise. In this living room, one sofa, one soft and one hard sofa are placed next to each other, which makes people feel the confusion of space, but strictly follow The orientation is placed and it feels very uniform.

Sofa matching skills two
With TIPS: American style people’s living room is usually more spacious, with a simple and large American sofa, thick solid wood edge with the same style of wine cabinet, adding a strong American style to the living room.

Sofa matching skills three
With TIPS: the rustic sofa is very versatile, and can be well blended with any style. It should be noted that because the rustic style has more patterns, the background wall should either echo the sofa pattern or remain blank, otherwise visually There will be conflicts.

The matching of the sofa should be chosen according to the layout of the home!

Sofa matching skills four
With TIPS: Nordic style sofa is suitable for simple style home, requiring more space, sofa color and pattern can complement each other, such as nude color and stripes, and then match the bright color cushion to avoid visual monotony.

In the same way, it is also a common style the custom modern furniture, you must customize the modern fashion furniture to decorate your home.

Customized modern furniture – old elm furniture maintenance precautions

Many people will ask: How is the quality of old elm furniture? You need to know the old elm furniture maintenance precautions.

In fact, the old elm wood is tough, the texture is clear, the hardness and strength are moderate, and the engraving method is generally used for openwork and relief. The planing surface is smooth and the pattern is beautiful. It is one of the main furniture materials in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Customized modern furniture - old elm furniture maintenance precautions

Old beech furniture should always be dusted and glazed. It is not only bright and moisture-proof. It can be used to protect the furniture liquid in advance. The glazing wax or enamel paint can hinder the infiltration of water vapor into the furniture to a certain extent.

The raw materials of the furniture factory are made of northern old elm furniture, which has the characteristics of dry wood, clear wood and beautiful appearance. It not only maintains the characteristics of traditional Chinese furniture, but also conforms to the practicality of modern furniture. On this basis, certain The furniture factory combined with the needs of the market, newly designed new Chinese antique furniture and modern furniture series, deeply loved by Chinese and foreign consumers.

Water content control method: Firstly, the natural drying principle of eucalyptus should be used to control the indoor moisture content through ventilation and heat sink. Secondly, the moisture content after drying of eucalyptus should be controlled, especially for households in winter construction. It can not be put into production immediately after drying, and should be used indoors for 24 hours before use.

Separating agent or paint stripper can be used. The separating agent is almost 50 yuan. It can be directly brushed onto the original paint surface to separate the new paint from the old paint. However, it must be protected and the taste is quite large. A paint is not available, but rather a softening of the surface paint film.

If you use a paint remover, you need to grind the No. 0 abrasive cloth in about ten hours. You don’t need to use it very much just to get rid of the paint film. At this time, you can check whether the original old elm furniture wood has holes or cracks. You can use the putty to level, but pay attention to the shrinkage joints of the door and the form, do not fill the atomic ash, otherwise it is easy to expand the wood product, this time you can make new paint.

It not only maintains the characteristics of traditional Chinese furniture, but also meets the practicality of modern furniture. The moisture-proof care is a small coup: solid wood furniture should be maintained with special cleaning agents. It can be evenly coated on the furniture surface with protective wax or special cleaning agent, then light. Wipe gently to keep it shiny and moisture-proof.

Customized modern furniture - old elm furniture maintenance precautions

If the furniture of the wood-based panel is not well sealed or damp, it is easy to absorb water and cause the furniture panel to expand and damage. Pay attention to waterproof when using it. Install a waterproof pad under the furniture leg that is easy to absorb water. Keep the wall near the exterior wall and the bathroom. Good ventilation distance.

The combination of wood and wood furniture: from the appearance of solid wood furniture, the natural texture, feel and color of wood are exactly the same as solid wood furniture, but in fact it is the furniture mixed with solid wood and wood-based panels, that is, the frame is made of solid wood.

If you live in a low-rise bungalow, try to make the legs of the furniture higher, otherwise the legs will be easily corroded and corroded. If possible, try to give the “foot pads” on the legs of the new beech furniture. Put the new beech furniture in the sun, especially in front of the large glass window facing south. The direct sunlight will cause the furniture to fade and crack. In order to prevent the deformation of the new beech furniture, try to avoid heavy objects placed on the surface of the furniture for a long time. For example, TVs, fish tanks, etc., should be placed with a soft film when placing objects, and the movement should be light when moving and placing, so as not to damage.

There are many old elm furniture maintenance precautions. This also reflects the quality of this kind of furniture. Now you know the precautions for the maintenance of old elm furniture? I think you should know. Recently, the custom modern furniture has become popular.Is furniture custom the same method used in your home?

what is the usual problem of the poodle’s house?

The Teddy dog is actually the poodle we often say. Teddy is just a model of a VIP. Many friends don’t know that Teddy is a dog breed. In fact, this is a wrong concept. The Teddy dog we introduced here. In fact, it is a poodle. Many friends who raise Teddy will choose to arrange a suitable kennel for their Teddy, but they don’t know what issues to pay attention to. Xiaobian will introduce you to some common problems in arranging Teddy Kennel.

what is the usual problem of the poodle's house?

1,Learn about the life habits of Teddy dogs

The first factor to consider is the overall planning, which is the location of the kennel at home. In addition, if there are many categories of Teddy dogs in the family, it is also necessary to consider the interaction between different Teddy dogs. Next is the degree of cooperation between the Teddy dog and the owner’s life. Basically, the quality of the owner’s own life is still the most important, and then the arrangement is set for the needs of the Teddy dog.

2,Teddy Teddy sunbathing

The balcony is the best place for the owner to relax and sneak on weekdays. It is better to place the Teddy dog on the cushions, soak up the sun and sunbathe.

3,Independent Teddy dog function configuration

I don’t want to limit the scope of the Teddy dog activities. I hope that the Teddy dog can be integrated into the living environment. The Teddy dog can be designed to enter and exit the door under the threshold, so that you can freely enter and leave the home. Make good use of the space corner or turning space, plan the rest of the Teddy dog, function in the activity area, or use it as a storage area for Teddy dogs.

4,Dog house can be tiled and drained

Most of the activities of the Teddy dogs are in the public areas of the guest restaurant where the polished quartz bricks are laid. Other wooden floor areas must have door panels to prevent dogs and cats from entering and leaving. The dog house floor can be designed with tiles and drainage holes, and the owner can easily clean the kennel.

5,Teddy area is placed in the semi-outdoor field

Teddy dogs should pay attention to important issues such as smell and hygiene in the room. They can be equipped with odor isolation system or keep the overall ventilation well. It is recommended to plan the Teddy dog area in the semi-outdoor field and make the elasticity of communication with the outdoor space in the indoor space. In the compartment, such as the sliding door, you can easily take care of the Teddy dog.

6,Pick a styling Teddy bed

Many owners like to let the Teddy dog sleep with himself. It is better to pick a Teddy dog bed, place it next to the bedroom bed or the owner’s recliner, and add some small toys before going to sleep. Shopping advice: FERPLAST wooden dog bed;

what is the usual problem of the poodle's house?

7,Prevent dog biting glass

The glass sliding door design not only can bring light into the room, but also improve the natural light source. The glass material can also prevent cat scratching and dog biting.

8,Choose durable materials

In order to avoid damage to the Teddy dog and damage the hardware, such as the floor should avoid solid wood flooring, use a higher hardness polished quartz brick or super wear-resistant floor; wall feet, facade can be treated with stainless steel, acrylic, stone and other materials to prevent Teddy dog scratch damage. Shopping Tips: Foldable Demolition Dog Bed Kennel Pet Worm Bracket Dog Bed Striped Kennel Dog Sofa.

9,Furniture matching can be replaced

Tips: Teddy dogs bite the furniture, furniture, cabinets should try to avoid the veneer material, sofas and other furniture should be easy to replace the sofa cover as the primary choice.

what is the custom modern furniture? Nowadays, the bedroom furniture custom is getting more and more popular, introducing you to the best bedroom furniture information!

Is the oiliness of mahogany furniture good or bad?

Speaking of mahogany furniture materials, presumably some people who know about this can say one or two, such as yellow pears, eucalyptus, big red acid branches, etc. , where merchants promote these fine mahogany furniture, always put the old materials, oily foot as one of the selling points, then I believe that a large number of people do not understand this “oil” is what, Today, let’s talk about the oiliness of mahogany furniture.

Is the oiliness of mahogany furniture good or bad?

“Oil” once the earliest origin of the literary world, generally play type of literature play can not open the oil word, because oiliness is a symbol of these literary play material good, praise the literary play products good generally will use this sheep fat jade pendant or small leaf purple sandalwood hand string oil good.

The word oiliness in jade does not mean that it really has oil, in the case of sheep fat jade, praise good amniotic fat jade oil good, meaning that this jade jade quality is good, good leather, looks round and shiny.

And mahogany oil is also very good understanding, I do not know you have not observed, in the burning of some hard wood, you will see some grease-based things, these substances are the main components of resin, generally these wood contains similar to the oil-like things called oil, so mahogany furniture raw materials placed for a period of time, there will be grease.

These wood is roughly the old oil yelling material in the mouth of the mahogany seller. General oil-based mahogany material is more stable, and the production of mahogany furniture is also more easily produced pulp.

The advantages of oil also more or less mentioned above, on the one hand is oily foot, which is one of the good proof of mahogany furniture material;

The exterior forms a unique, silky luster. Mahogany furniture due to the larger size, on the one hand, through contact with the human body to produce rounded paste, on the other hand, through its own oiliness and air oxidation to form a unique rounded gloss in the appearance of the envelope.

Is the oiliness of mahogany furniture good or bad?

Often pay attention to the auction of the official, may also find expensive old mahogany furniture, such as yellow pear or eucalyptus furniture, will be mentioned in the description of the round, because this is also oily enough and naturally produced traces of the years, not only the appearance of the profound, but also the witness of the historical years.

Some watchers may have new questions, now the redwood furniture home before the furniture surface will generally use waxing or paint treatment to protect the surface, that means oil is just superfluous? This view is more or less biased, oiliness is internal, and surface treatment does not conflict, and the long-term use of oil and surface treatment mixed oxidation to form a unique paste, so that mahogany furniture looks more slippery and gratifying, quiet, tell people that this furniture has an age, revealing a warm charm.

Therefore, the oiliness of mahogany furniture is one of the important bases for determining whether furniture is of high quality.

How will the table chairs match in 2019?

If the kitchen is the home with a firework scent, then the dining area is the place to enjoy the fireworks. However, in our memory, the dress up of the dining area is not as much attention as other places, always feel that there is a table and a few matching is enough, the dining atmosphere is rarely noticed.

How will the table chairs match in 2019?

So, the table chair must be matched?In fact, not necessarily, here’s a look at how the dining table and chair match?

One, the same different colors Some dining chairs themselves design is not bad, but the complete set of buy really looks old-fashioned, may choose the same design of different colors, so that neither contrary to the line, but also mixed out a relaxed, bright effect.

You can choose the same 2 colors, respectively straight line symmetrical lying on the table 4 faces, it is recommended that one of the colors choose white and black such a hundred color.

You can also choose more than 3 different colors of dining chairs, such as macaroon color, plus a hundred black, giving people a small fresh sense of girl.

Two, two-color two-color Use two styles, two colors, colors and styles of two staggered. Today the mood is good to sit this one, tomorrow want to be more comfortable with that one, how happy how to come. As for space, the beauty of symmetry is still there.

Different styles of dining chairs can be placed symmetrically, pay attention to the table chair material, color and the overall environment style do not differ too much.

How will the table chairs match in 2019?

Three, fully mixed type Chairs have thousands of materials, hard plastic, fabric, leather, wood, metal, shape is also ever-changing, mash-up wind in the collision will produce a very unique sense of visual art, and a variety of aesthetic and functional needs can be met. Want to change without disorder, teach you a good way, in fact, is to find the space in the same hue.

If the dining chair is not similar in material and color, you can choose a table that matches the table and the style of other restaurants.
The above is about the 2019 table and chair how to match the relevant content, I hope to help you!

Wood furniture design and matching

Wood furniture in the entire home environment can not be as a separate individual existence, which needs to be with other furniture in the room with each other, and then present a whole home effect, then, this requires everyone to consider the problem of wood furniture matching, and with other furniture when the center of gravity should be close to the wood furniture.

Wood furniture design and matching

The wood-colored furniture is mainly shaped with a natural feeling, it is a very rustic furniture, so we try to choose some colors when combining furniture, so that more reflect the pure beauty of nature.

1, wood furniture and curtain matching tips In the wood furniture matching skills, the wood furniture with what curtains have a lot to pay attention to. The space, which is dominated by wood-colored furniture, can be paired with light-colored curtains, for example, with pale yellow, pink and light purple curtains, so that it won’t be noisy. That is, let the focus of the room focus on the curtains, and do not let the white wall appear too monotonous.

If you feel that the color of the room is more monotonous, you can be accompanied by small flower cloth curtains, so that the original wood furniture and curtains together to create an idyllic atmosphere.

2, wood furniture color matching tips There are two main colors of the wood furniture, one is the color of the wood to do the old, the classical European style into it, the other is the original color of wood, very elegant and fresh. These two colors of the wood furniture matching skills are able to use simple fabric to match, in addition to fabric, you can also choose some other material jewelry.

On the table to an elegant candlestick, put on potted plants, and finally put a beloved photo, the original world of logs can also be out of style, can also be so high-profile.

Wood furniture design and matching

3, wood furniture and flooring matching tips In the wood furniture matching technique, furniture and floor sands are best similar in color and material. The color of the wood-colored furniture is lighter, so the color of the floor need not be too bright or eye-catching, plain or near wood floor and furniture with the effect is better.

Natural wood furniture and dark flooring is also possible, the effect is still very beautiful.

4, wood furniture and door matching tips The original wood-colored furniture with what color door is a very fine thing, after all, solid wood furniture texture natural and unique, is not the general artificial items can be casually matched.

Therefore, in the choice of the color of the door, must fully consider whether to match their own solid wood furniture.