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The Whole New World of Exclusive Furniture
Growing, changing, and innovating. Those are the qualities that have distinguished V Furniture Mall as India’s largest and much loved furniture brand. Rooted in a rich history and grounded in the belief that quality and value never go out of style; V Furniture Mall is a company that continues to lead the industry in today's home & Office furnishings.
  VFM beds   Rs.19,999/-  
  VFM Kitchen Set   Rs. 15,199/-
  VFM Reading Set   Rs. 16,222/-  
VFM Dining Set Rs. 13,999/-  
  VFM TV Stand   Rs. 6,999/-  
  VFM Sofas   Rs. 13,999/-  
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best sellers
Wheel Chair Rs.2,786/- Maharaja Sofa Rs. 8,499/- Double Cot Bet Rs. 16,499/-

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