9 square meters bedroom modern fashion furniture decoration

For the type of housing, some spaces are limited, especially for some small units, the bedroom can not have much space, 9-10 square meters of bedroom is also very common, how to carry out 9 square meters bedroom modern fashion furniture decoration? This article introduces you to the best bedroom furniture.

So for the modern flat furniture decoration of 9 square meters, there are many problems that need attention, such as how to use the space, how to place the furniture, etc., 9 square meters of bedroom decoration also need to pay attention to the reasonable use of space.

Let me introduce you to the next 9 square meters bedroom modern fashion furniture decoration need to pay attention to what!

1, to create the best bedroom furniture to make full use of the three-dimensional space

The decoration of the small bedroom has several characteristics. One is that the bed is relatively small, and the comparison is simple. In addition, the three-dimensional space is more appropriate to use, and the cabinet is placed around the bed, so that there is sufficient storage space in the bedroom. There is also the color of the entire bedroom. In the choice of color, the choice is very fresh, and there is no sense of oppression because of the small area.

9 square meters bedroom modern fashion furniture decoration

2, tatami is a good choice

The small bedroom is tatami-style. It can be said that it is a typical small-bedroom decoration scheme in recent years. It is a whole of the locker and tatami. The room does not need to buy a bed, but uses a simple tatami. This saves space in the entire bedroom. There is also a locker that is built against the wall, which not only saves space, but also looks simpler and more generous.

3, to create the best bedroom furniture to pay attention to the simple principle

9 square meters bedroom modern fashion furniture decoration, pay attention to the simple principle, the overall design is very simple, the room does not need a ceiling, so it looks higher, giving a sense of openness, then the wall is selected white latex paint The room is brighter.

In terms of furniture decoration and selection, a bed and a bedside table can basically meet the needs of a bedroom. Together with the white bed and the white bedside table, the overall look is very clean and tidy.

Customized all-aluminum furniture top ten brands

With the growth of the post-80s and post-90s, the main consumer groups in the furniture market have gradually transitioned to this generation of young consumers as the main target group. The consumer demand of this group also pays more attention to the personalized experience. Therefore, for the customization of bedroom furniture, it is very important to understand what the consumer group needs. The customization of bedroom furniture also needs to actively adjust the development strategy following the changes of the times.

Customized all-aluminum furniture top ten brands to play a good service card, pay attention to service system construction

Customized all-aluminum furniture top ten brands

In the bedroom furniture custom industry, the concept of “product is king” and “channel is king” is no stranger, making home decoration more grade. Many companies have followed these two major marketing concepts.

Nowadays, with the increasing number of products, there are countless custom-made bedroom furniture products on the market. Although the product is still the focus of enterprise development, it can make the brand stand out from the crowd, which is an epoch-making change in the field of furniture manufacturing.

It is no longer just the product itself, but also a high-quality, caring service. Compared with the high-input operation methods such as storefront upgrade, large inventory accumulation, equipment renewal, expansion of factory buildings, and addition of flagship stores, there are three stores. Economic investment that is simply strengthened in terms of service quality is much lower. In such a market situation, the risk of improving service quality is much smaller.

According to the survey conducted by the Indoor Environmental Monitoring Center, the number of indoor air pollution in China is 430,000 per year; the number of people caused by indoor pollution is 10,000 per year, an average of 34 per day; the total number of newly born congenital children is up to 10,000 per year. 10,000, of which 42.% is related to indoor air pollution.

To lay a good service card, that is, from the aspects of service quality, service system construction, service details and optimization, we will use it in many doors and windows. And use aluminum alloy to make furniture. Give customers a better service experience.

Under the new situation, customers may have doubts and worries about the strength, service and reputation of the company. Enterprises to increase service, is to let customers rest assured, we sincerely look forward to working with you! It also convinces customers to generate trust in the company.

All-aluminum furniture produced by all-aluminum cabinets is a custom type of bedroom furniture that we are currently using. It is generally used in kitchens and bathrooms. If you use this kind of furniture in a bathroom, what kind of use? What are the advantages?

Customizing the top ten brands of all-aluminum furniture to strengthen the environmental protection concept is the key to development

Nowadays, people are paying more attention to its green environmental protection while pursuing the simple and fashionable home decoration. Many bedroom furniture customized all-aluminum furniture top ten brands into “green home decoration”. They have made great efforts in selecting environmentally friendly materials, design plans, construction procedures and indoor air quality testing, and brought more green home life to the owners. The public recognizes the importance of environmental protection.

Bedroom furniture custom industry as a resource-consumption industry, the water will seep into the gap of the film and accumulate. In the face of more and more severe market environment, we must not only take the differentiated and professional development path according to our own characteristics, but also enhance the core competitiveness and brand influence of the enterprise. We should plow in the professional field, do the specialization, and conform to the green. Development strategy for the company’s file upgrade.

Providing a safe, comfortable and healthy living and working environment for the society at a small resource cost has become an important issue in the development of the bedroom furniture customization industry. Therefore, strengthening the concept of environmental protection is the key to the transformation and upgrading of the industry and sustainable development.

Customized all-aluminum furniture top ten brands

Custom furniture for bedroom furniture is increasingly favored

In terms of the current consumer market, fashionable and fashionable products are favored by young consumers, and the same is true in the bedroom furniture customization market. According to industry insiders, nowadays, after 80s and 90s, they will gradually become the main force of the market. Whoever wins their welcome in the next few years will win the market. Therefore, for furniture companies, it is imperative to aim at the custom-made cabinets.

Taking the European School as an example, its overall furniture has a fashionable, classic and distinguished diversified style. The raw materials are made of environmentally-friendly plates, and the fashionable and elegant design concept gives more humanized design, full of home warmth and love, creating a difference. The new mood of the past home life. Customized furniture can fully demonstrate the consumer’s pursuit of individuality, fashion and comfort because of the practicability and space utilization. Therefore, the road of customization will become a major development trend of the cabinet industry.

The price of solid wood board is higher, the texture is better, but the waterproof and flameproof performance is poor, and the all-aluminum household has strong heat resistance, the surface can withstand high temperature, solve the problems of cracking and deformation of wooden furniture, adapt to various environments, Whether it is cabinets, TV cabinets or wardrobes, it is not easy to be deformed. It is durable and does not absorb moisture. It has a small coefficient of temperature expansion, is fireproof and waterproof, and has the advantage of long-term blisters.

Professionals say that the custom model is a multi-win business model, and all-aluminum furniture is not like traditional decorative materials. For consumers, it has the advantages of individual design, high space utilization, and strong appeal; for enterprises, it reduces the inventory of enterprises and improves the profitability and risk resistance of enterprises. At the same time, the customized mode is conducive to the realization of on-demand production in the whole industry, effectively avoiding the problem of overcapacity in the industry, reducing wood waste, 5MM thickness is conducive to environmental protection, and has good social benefits.

Global wood consumption ranks second, and various policies are also adopted to limit deforestation and encourage the use of non-wood products. The main reason why furniture products are made in wood processing is that there are no new materials and new techniques that can be compared with wooden furniture in the past, and the current wooden homes often use various types in the production process. Adhesives, paints and other auxiliary materials are the main sources of formaldehyde in the room, and it is also very harmful to health.

Customized all-aluminum furniture top ten brands, furniture companies want to be based on the long-term, but also need to do a good job, improve service quality, adhere to the green environmental protection road, put environmental protection into practice, and also need to be personalized according to the requirements of young consumer groups. Product customization, the only way to gain a place in the fierce market competition.

Who is better with solid wood furniture and panel furniture?

Many people are the bedroom furniture custom, and the number of people who customize the furniture has increased. Whether you are buying furniture for renovation or want to replace furniture, you must have heard of such an argument: Who is better with solid wood furniture and panel furniture?

If you don’t know much about furniture, you will probably be guilty of this:

Who is better with solid wood furniture and panel furniture?

Solid wood furniture is natural, it is said that the pollution is small, but the price is more expensive;
The panel furniture is more durable, and it seems that the price can be bought. Some people say that the taste is big and the body is not good.

  Who is better with solid wood furniture and panel furniture? In the end, which kind of statement is more correct, people’s health awareness is getting higher and higher. After consulting several furniture experts, the author gives you analysis and analysis on the health point of view, which kind of furniture is better:

There are three main sources of odor in wooden furniture, namely substrates, adhesives and coatings.

The so-called substrate refers to the material of furniture, which can be generally divided into two categories: plate and solid wood.

Pure solid wood materials are environmentally safe and the price is very high.

In contrast, artificial panels are economical, but because of the large amount of adhesive bonding required for the production. Therefore, the furniture made of artificial boards will emit a pungent odor, and this taste is harmful to human health.

Adhesives and coatings are also the culprit that causes furniture to produce odors.

Regarding the adhesive, in addition to the use of artificial panels, pure solid wood furniture will also be fixed with adhesive when splicing. Therefore, even if the solid wood material is natural and harmless, it may also pollute the indoor environment.

The taste of new furniture is very harmful to human health. Formaldehyde can enter the human body through breathing, causing symptoms such as cough and headache, and may induce malignant diseases. Therefore, after buying new furniture, you must carefully control the smell.

The first thing to do is ventilation.

Ventilation is not necessary to open all the windows. It is important to open the sliding door of the furniture, the cabinet door of the wardrobe, the drawer of the table, the dust cover of the sofa, and the door of each room, so as to ensure the indoor pollution source. All the released formaldehyde can be released into the indoor air and taken to the outside by the wind. This is an important factor in the effective removal of formaldehyde by ventilation.

It is developed by the Environmental Protection Research Institute and is filled with imported photocatalyst liquids from Japan. It is an advanced formula that allows you to enjoy a more advanced management experience without leaving your home.

The advantages of enjoying its imported photocatalyst are mainly reflected in:

The particle diameter of the photocatalyst will affect its attachment time and stability. The smaller the diameter of the photocatalyst particles, the more stable the performance and the better the formaldehyde treatment capacity.

Ordinary domestic photocatalyst particles are between 5 and 10 nanometers in diameter, and the diameter of imported photocatalyst particles is between 2-3 nanometers. Domestically produced products are far from meeting this requirement.

Who is better with solid wood furniture and panel furniture?

After spraying the photocatalyst, it will form a layer of nano-film on the surface of the sprayed object. Under sunlight, it will decompose indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene and TVOC, and spray it once a decade for effective purification.

Enjoy the imported photocatalyst using imported liquid, the texture is mild, will not corrode the furniture, and will not harm the substrate. After being tested and certified by Swiss SGS, it is not corrosive and is more reliable to use.

At present, enjoy the import of photocatalyst only authorized to e-commerce platform: Taobao and Tmall for sale, you can look for the “enjoy it” flagship store to avoid being deceived. Now you know who is better with solid wood furniture and panel furniture? Share it with your friends to see the choice of custom furniture materials for bedroom furniture.Follow our website and continue to push you up with modern and modern fashion furniture. vfurnituremall.com.

Hotel bedroom furniture custom – the best modern bedroom furniture in this!

Nowadays, consumers’ demand for personalized consumption has prompted the arrival of the era of product customization. “Home Customization” is a commercial revolution. It is not just a simple service upgrade, but a new way of shopping that truly realizes “My consumption is my master”.

Hotel bedroom furniture custom - the best modern bedroom furniture in this!

Therefore, the furniture customization industry is in a hot trend: custom diamond rings, custom wedding dresses, custom drinks, custom watches, custom tableware and more. According to survey data, more than 80% of consumers currently say that they will choose a customized home when they are home-made to meet the needs of personalized home improvement. Hotel bedroom furniture customthe best modern bedroom furniture in this!

At present, it is in the era of great changes and great development of China’s hotel furniture industry. Under the current economic situation, we understand the situation and control the direction of the furniture industry, and provide a detailed analysis of the impact on the furniture industry and the future development trend, no matter for the long-term development of the Chinese furniture industry. Development, or a positive guide to the breakthroughs in the specific work of Xianghe Hotel furniture manufacturers.

The new demands of modern customers With the improvement of people’s living standards, the people have different needs for the style of staying in the hotel. Chinese style, simple style, post-modern style… Yagu furniture is the pioneer of the unconventional, in order to Always meet the needs of customers, and cultivate a group of outstanding design teams to meet the different tastes of the public.

Qiansuo Furniture Technology Co., Ltd. adheres to people-oriented, strengthens responsibility, and refines management, pays close attention to implementation and improves various work management levels, further improves the enterprise system, and standardizes posts, so that company management and employee behavior have rules to follow and advocate in a common enterprise. Improve the incentive and restraint mechanism under the culture, improve the work efficiency through the innovation of the mechanism, and lay a good foundation for the harmonious development of the enterprise.

The floor where the hotel furniture is placed must be kept flat, so that the hotel furniture is balanced on all four legs.

Do you know some common sense when buying custom hotel furniture? At the same time of purchase, we must pay attention to the four major coordination. Follow along to see the hotel bedroom furniture custom – the best modern bedroom furniture in this!

One: coordination of room size

If you have a wide space, it is easy to choose a slightly larger size of furniture, and if space is limited, you should not choose large size furniture, otherwise it may make the space seem congested, so the proper proportional relationship is also very important. In addition, the quality of the hotel’s custom furniture, the function is reasonable or not, but also to be careful, especially when buying leather furniture.

Two: coordination with the indoor background

If your living room has been renovated, you should consider the custom color of the hotel furniture to coordinate with the background of the room when buying furniture, and the color and lighting of the indoor background as the main matching direction. If the color of the custom furniture is too strong, it is easy to produce a tired visual effect, so in general, it is more appropriate to choose the color of the harmony.

Three: coordination with interior decoration

Customized hotel furniture’s shape, color, function, texture, hardware and other mutual factors can be coordinated with interior design or home decoration, lighting, etc. to form a coherent echo, complementing the overall indoor space effect.

Hotel bedroom furniture custom - the best modern bedroom furniture in this!

Four: coordination with ground materials

If the living room is a wooden floor, it is easier to choose furniture. If it is a tile, terrazzo, or marble floor, it is not advisable to choose steel-wood furniture, which will increase the indoor cold atmosphere. You can use wood furniture to reconcile and add carpet to the interior to ease the cold and hard feeling.

Avoid direct sunlight. If the fine wooden hotel furniture has been exposed to the sun, it is easy to partially fade, the wood is too dry, and the cracked rattan is easy to fade and dry.

Custom-made hotel furniture refers to hotel furniture that is professionally designed and personalized according to the specific requirements of the hotel owner, the hotel space and the style of decoration.

Different from general finished hotel furniture, custom hotel furniture, due to its business characteristics, each order needs to be designed separately, which is conducive to the innovation of hotel furniture style. Hotel bedroom furniture custom – the best modern bedroom furniture in this!

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The matching of the sofa should be chosen according to the layout of the home!

For modern urban families, many homes are small-sized, and in order to broaden the sense of our home, we must learn to make rational use of the house. The living room is a space that embodies the style of the home and the taste of the owner and gives a sense of vision. The choice and arrangement of the sofa is the core element that determines the effect of the living room. How to match the sofa, should be combined with the overall home style, from the style, material, color comprehensive consideration.

The matching of the sofa should be chosen according to the layout of the home!

Sofa matching skills
With TIPS: Chinese solid wood sofa and fabric sofa mix and match, creating a new surprise. In this living room, one sofa, one soft and one hard sofa are placed next to each other, which makes people feel the confusion of space, but strictly follow The orientation is placed and it feels very uniform.

Sofa matching skills two
With TIPS: American style people’s living room is usually more spacious, with a simple and large American sofa, thick solid wood edge with the same style of wine cabinet, adding a strong American style to the living room.

Sofa matching skills three
With TIPS: the rustic sofa is very versatile, and can be well blended with any style. It should be noted that because the rustic style has more patterns, the background wall should either echo the sofa pattern or remain blank, otherwise visually There will be conflicts.

The matching of the sofa should be chosen according to the layout of the home!

Sofa matching skills four
With TIPS: Nordic style sofa is suitable for simple style home, requiring more space, sofa color and pattern can complement each other, such as nude color and stripes, and then match the bright color cushion to avoid visual monotony.

In the same way, it is also a common style the custom modern furniture, you must customize the modern fashion furniture to decorate your home.

Shock! Two young women stole four hundred thousand dollars of mahogany furniture?

Nowadays, many people like mahogany furniture, but some people are just moving their minds and want to “buy and buy”…

Recently, a furniture factory in Jimo District was stolen from the mahogany furniture worth more than 400,000 yuan overnight. The surveillance was a look at the two thieves who were two long-haired fluttering “young women”? And the truth is actually…

Shock! Two young women stole four hundred thousand dollars of mahogany furniture?

The scene in the picture occurred at around 9:30 pm on March 5th. I saw a woman with a shawl curling over the wall and entering the factory, bowing her waist and moving the furniture away from the wall. Within six hours of the night, the woman collaborated with another woman, traveling to and from the factory more than ten times, and moved more than 20 pieces of mahogany furniture. Three days after the incident, the staff at the furniture factory found that the situation was wrong.

But after watching the surveillance, people are inevitably suspicious. They have been committing crimes for more than six hours and have traveled more than ten times. Will the two women have such strong physical strength? After the platooning, the police finally locked in, and the suspects who committed the crime were indeed two men. In order to hide their eyes and ears, they are not only simple as a man dressed as a woman.

On July 26, the police arrested two suspects. It is understood that the suspects Zhang and Qu Mou are 53 years old this year, Lacey City. Currently, the two have been under criminal detention and the case is under further investigation.

Shock! Two young women stole four hundred thousand dollars of mahogany furniture?

After drinking some wine, I discussed stealing furniture. Moreover, it is also a man dressed as a woman, but also a chicken nest, but also thanks to the two. If you have the energy to think about these ideas, you have the physical strength to move 6 hours of furniture. You said, what is the right thing to do? I hope that the two will reflect on the reflection while being severely punished by the law.

Customized modern furniture – old elm furniture maintenance precautions

Many people will ask: How is the quality of old elm furniture? You need to know the old elm furniture maintenance precautions.

In fact, the old elm wood is tough, the texture is clear, the hardness and strength are moderate, and the engraving method is generally used for openwork and relief. The planing surface is smooth and the pattern is beautiful. It is one of the main furniture materials in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Customized modern furniture - old elm furniture maintenance precautions

Old beech furniture should always be dusted and glazed. It is not only bright and moisture-proof. It can be used to protect the furniture liquid in advance. The glazing wax or enamel paint can hinder the infiltration of water vapor into the furniture to a certain extent.

The raw materials of the furniture factory are made of northern old elm furniture, which has the characteristics of dry wood, clear wood and beautiful appearance. It not only maintains the characteristics of traditional Chinese furniture, but also conforms to the practicality of modern furniture. On this basis, certain The furniture factory combined with the needs of the market, newly designed new Chinese antique furniture and modern furniture series, deeply loved by Chinese and foreign consumers.

Water content control method: Firstly, the natural drying principle of eucalyptus should be used to control the indoor moisture content through ventilation and heat sink. Secondly, the moisture content after drying of eucalyptus should be controlled, especially for households in winter construction. It can not be put into production immediately after drying, and should be used indoors for 24 hours before use.

Separating agent or paint stripper can be used. The separating agent is almost 50 yuan. It can be directly brushed onto the original paint surface to separate the new paint from the old paint. However, it must be protected and the taste is quite large. A paint is not available, but rather a softening of the surface paint film.

If you use a paint remover, you need to grind the No. 0 abrasive cloth in about ten hours. You don’t need to use it very much just to get rid of the paint film. At this time, you can check whether the original old elm furniture wood has holes or cracks. You can use the putty to level, but pay attention to the shrinkage joints of the door and the form, do not fill the atomic ash, otherwise it is easy to expand the wood product, this time you can make new paint.

It not only maintains the characteristics of traditional Chinese furniture, but also meets the practicality of modern furniture. The moisture-proof care is a small coup: solid wood furniture should be maintained with special cleaning agents. It can be evenly coated on the furniture surface with protective wax or special cleaning agent, then light. Wipe gently to keep it shiny and moisture-proof.

Customized modern furniture - old elm furniture maintenance precautions

If the furniture of the wood-based panel is not well sealed or damp, it is easy to absorb water and cause the furniture panel to expand and damage. Pay attention to waterproof when using it. Install a waterproof pad under the furniture leg that is easy to absorb water. Keep the wall near the exterior wall and the bathroom. Good ventilation distance.

The combination of wood and wood furniture: from the appearance of solid wood furniture, the natural texture, feel and color of wood are exactly the same as solid wood furniture, but in fact it is the furniture mixed with solid wood and wood-based panels, that is, the frame is made of solid wood.

If you live in a low-rise bungalow, try to make the legs of the furniture higher, otherwise the legs will be easily corroded and corroded. If possible, try to give the “foot pads” on the legs of the new beech furniture. Put the new beech furniture in the sun, especially in front of the large glass window facing south. The direct sunlight will cause the furniture to fade and crack. In order to prevent the deformation of the new beech furniture, try to avoid heavy objects placed on the surface of the furniture for a long time. For example, TVs, fish tanks, etc., should be placed with a soft film when placing objects, and the movement should be light when moving and placing, so as not to damage.

There are many old elm furniture maintenance precautions. This also reflects the quality of this kind of furniture. Now you know the precautions for the maintenance of old elm furniture? I think you should know. Recently, the custom modern furniture has become popular.Is furniture custom the same method used in your home?

The best modern bedroom furniture custom style

European furniture:After many investigations by reporters, it was learned that in the past, most European-style furniture appeared in the style of “golden silver”. This year’s European furniture is very different from the past. In 2008, European furniture will reflect its charm with simple and clear lines and decent decoration.

The best modern bedroom furniture custom style

The reporter saw that most European-style furniture is generally made of walnut, maple and mahogany. In order to highlight the characteristics of the wood itself, the veneer is treated with complex sheeting, making the texture itself a kind of decoration, which can produce different angles. The sense of light.

During the interview, the reporter learned that although European furniture was designed from a simple and clear style this year, its price is still high. Mr. Li, who has many years of experience in furniture sales, told us that the price of a high-end European-style furniture is between 100,000 and hundreds of thousands, and the intermediate package costs about 100,000.

Chinese furniture:Line scouring, pure color, and a single spatial pattern are the impressions that Chinese furniture has left in the past. In 2008, Chinese furniture broke the traditional production concept, and the low-key and subtle Chinese retro furniture became the new darling of the furniture industry. It used simpler and straighter lines to express the natural and simple style, while blending geometric curves with modern or traditional two. Extreme forms cater to people’s individual needs.

The reporter learned that the average price of a complete set of mid-range furniture in the living room is between 20,000 and 40,000. This price is generally acceptable to consumers in comparison to European furniture.

Originality test

It is reported that although Sichuan furniture is firmly seated as the “third largest furniture production base in the country”, at present, the export value of Sichuan furniture is still less than 0.5% of the national total. Wang Xuemao, president of the Sichuan Furniture Industry Association, pointed out that the Sichuan furniture industry chain is broken, and the Sichuan enterprises that fight for individual weapons cannot complete the production of products as required, even in the case of international orders. In addition, the truly competitive original brands are rare.

Is the international market optional? The emergence of Sichuan Furniture “Original Silicon Valley” is undoubtedly an important performance of Sichuan furniture enterprises to enhance their competitiveness. Although Sichuan Furniture Industrial Park is still under construction, it is expected to gather more than 50 Sichuan furniture manufacturers after completion. More than 50 Sichuan furniture brands that have teamed up for the first time will gather here and step out of the original and export steps.

In April 2007, under the organization of the Sichuan Furniture Industry Chamber of Commerce, more than 20 furniture companies in Sichuan conducted a site visit to the Sichuan Changsha Hongxing Group Sichuan Brand Furniture City Project. The purpose is to enhance and change the strategy of the Sichuan furniture industry in the country, re-layout, resolutely implement the “going out” strategy, focus on the main advantage of the Sichuan furniture industry, and take the group out of the basin to radiate the north and south and seize the domestic primary market.

On August 10 last year, the Sichuan Furniture Industrial Park was officially laid. At the same time, the original furniture R&D center of the district was officially established. This is a milestone in the Sichuan furniture industry. The establishment of the R&D center will greatly enhance the level of furniture R&D in the Sichuan furniture industry, greatly change the unfavorable image of the Sichuan furniture industry in copying the coastal and foreign countries, and inject a strong vitality and vitality into the sustainable development of the Sichuan furniture industry.

The best modern bedroom furniture custom style

Obviously, the trend of international furniture is also step by step, lack of originality, is the soft underbelly of most furniture brands in Sichuan. At present, this bottleneck will be broken. In August last year, dozens of Sichuan furniture brands gathered for the first time. Taking Sichuan Furniture Export Industrial Park as a platform, a “Sichuan Furniture Silicon Valley” with a large scale and original furniture research and development was emerging.

Insiders pointed out that the industrial park has been highly recognized by the EU Furniture Wholesale Center. Sichuan furniture is based on originality, achieving an output value of 10 billion yuan per year. There should be no suspense in exporting furniture to 500 million yuan. The initial cooperation intention between the Asian world of Berlin, Germany and Sichuan furniture is an excellent start.

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Oh my God! Is mahogany furniture so cheap? Is there quality?

Worker assembling furniture

Nanchang Evening News, the chief reporter of the whole media, Gao Xiaowei, Wen Chengben, has been in the market for two consecutive years. The first set of precious hardwood and mahogany furniture exhibitions in Jiangxi Province is extremely hot. The dozens of styles of fine mahogany furniture of hundreds of styles make the public feel hooked and enjoyable. The ultra-low price that has been folded up is a “Redwood Dream” that has won many citizens. Is the price so low and the quality guaranteed? A few days ago, the reporter visited the source factory of the mahogany furniture exhibition and visited the whole process of mahogany furniture production.

Oh my God! Is mahogany furniture so cheap? Is there quality?

The reporter saw in the factory that from the raw materials to the final finished product, the birth of a piece of mahogany furniture has gone through nearly a hundred processes. “Log materials are processed after being imported and returned from overseas. After drying, cutting, planing, opening, carving, polishing, painting, sealing wax, etc., each process has strict quality standards. Chen Xueliang, director of the mahogany factory, told reporters that the opening and opening process is the guarantee of whether the mahogany furniture is firm.

Hey, who has thousands of years of history in China, is the soul of traditional furniture and the embodiment of Chinese traditional cultural wisdom. The structure is a connection method in which two concave and convex parts are combined on the two members, the convex part is called (tap), and the concave part is called (blinking). “We have adopted a shovel, which is more solid after assembly and does not use any nails. As the external environment changes, the structure makes the furniture use longer and firmer,” said Chen.

Design, carpentry, engraving, assembly, sanding, sealing wax… The process of making a mahogany furniture is rich and noble. “Redwood furniture has high artistic value and collection value. The high-end grade can not only improve the taste of the house, but also pass on the descendants. I went to the furniture exhibition site on the weekend and saw the whole process of sawing the mahogany furniture on site. Inside and outside are the same real materials, ‘cabbage price to buy mahogany furniture’, the quality can be guaranteed, I am more assured.” Li Chunlin said.

Oh my God! Is mahogany furniture so cheap? Is there quality?

From home to office, from classical to fashion, from rosewood to red rosewood, the price of each piece of mahogany furniture is so low that it can be bought with a beautiful mahogany root carving artwork for as little as a few hundred dollars. You can buy a 6-piece set of South American rosewood Ming-style sofa for 1.9 million yuan. You only need to buy a full set of 21 pieces of African rosewood with an original price of more than 60,000 yuan.

“The top 100 people who enter the market every day can also kill chicken wings and itch at 9.9 yuan, and buy chicken wings and crutches for 19 yuan. All the furniture of the exhibition is guaranteed, on-site inspection, no reason to return within 7 days, one year free home maintenance Let the people buy and protect, and rest assured.” The relevant person in charge of this year’s mahogany furniture exhibition, Guangdong Zhishan boutique Ming Ming mahogany furniture market manager Gong Zhiqi said.

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What are the benefits and disadvantages of custom furniture? You have to be clear in advance!

The disadvantages of custom furniture – the details of the work are intricate. From consumer demand analysis to order placement, organization of production, distribution, on-site installation and service, all links must be interlocked, and there are many plate parts and hardware involved in the product customization process. There can be no deviation. This requires that the enterprise management system must be rigorous, the work must be meticulous, and it also tests the overall quality of the employees.

What are the benefits and disadvantages of custom furniture? You have to be clear in advance!

Advantages of furniture customization:

1, can meet the different personality needs of different consumers for furniture. In the traditional marketing model, furniture companies often follow the current market trend to carry out furniture R&D and production according to simple market research. However, the furniture produced by this model is not inconsistent with the requirements, that is, the style can not meet personal preferences. Customized marketing breaks down the market into individuals, designing furniture according to individual requirements, and consumers are one of the designers of furniture. Specific requirements can be made according to personal preferences, such as color matching, personalized specifications and so on.

What are the benefits and disadvantages of custom furniture? You have to be clear in advance!
  1. Reduce inventory backlog. In the traditional marketing mode, in order to maximize profits, furniture companies reduce product costs through mass production. Once the market encounters a slight unpredictable, such large-scale production of furniture will inevitably lead to slow sales or backlog due to similarities, resulting in waste of resources. And custom marketing is based on consumer order production, almost no inventory, and accelerated capital turnover.
  2. Reduce marketing costs. In the traditional marketing mode, in order to occupy the market, furniture companies often drive sales through advertising and sales promotion, and thus the cost is high. Customized marketing As long as the quality of the furniture is reliable and the price is reasonable, the furniture can be sold smoothly. In the custom marketing, manufacturers directly face the consumer to reduce the sales process and reduce various expenses.
  3. Helps accelerate product development. Under the traditional marketing model, many furniture companies’ designers work behind closed doors. They only develop products based on simple market research. The design of the furniture is very limited, and it is difficult to meet the needs of the public. In custom marketing, designers have many opportunities to communicate face-to-face with consumers. It is easy to know the requirements of consumers and to develop products that are close to the needs of consumers. vfurnituremall.com.

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